What I Am Doing Before The End of 2020


It’s the last day of the year. Things tend to be pretty quiet from a business perspective, so I am going to spend a few hours doing some business housekeeping before the end of 2020. I thought I would share some of the things I am doing in case it sets off a reminder for you, and I invite you to share anything you might be doing that I didn’t discuss below:

Paying outstanding invoices – I don’t typically have outstanding balances, but I paid my 2021 annual report to the state earlier this week, and I think I have one bill outstanding that needs to be paid today. If you know you have a balance owed to a web developer or attorney, you might as well pay for it right now.

Purchase supplies – I spent time during the last few weeks evaluating some new equipment, and today will be decision day for a couple of final purchases. If I am going to have to purchase a new printer sometime in the next few weeks, I might as well do it today so I can expense it this year.

Set up 2021 accounting and folders – It is a bit annoying and time consuming, but I will spend a bit of time setting up my 2021 accounting and inventory spreadsheets so I can start the new year from the jump.

Domain name renewals and transfers – I am going to renew a bunch of domain names today and start some transfers. If I have time, I will throw an eye on my portfolio to see if I should turn off auto-renew on some bad purchases.

Review a handful of landing pages – I will spend a few minutes testing out some landing pages to make sure the domain names are resolving or forwarding correctly and that internal links on the landing page work. It’s also as good of a time as any to make sure contact forms are working correctly, although I have a good idea they are because I am receiving emails from them.

Send a few final follow-up emails – I am going to send a few final follow up emails to see if anyone I have discussed a deal with is interested in closing before the end of the year or at the start of the new year. It might be a tough time to reach a decision maker, but it is worth sending a quick touch base email.

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