What do All of the “Sharks” Have in Common?


One of my favorite television shows is ABC’s Shark Tank. I think the “sharks” give out some excellent advice to the presenting entrepreneurs, and that advice is actionable for viewers who operate their own companies. I also think it’s fun to learn about new products and services that are offered by the entrepreneurs who are seeking investments.

This morning, I noticed that all of the “sharks” have one thing in common, besides their entrepreneurial successes. All of the “sharks” appear to own (or at least control) their exact match .com domain names. Check it out:

For the last few weeks, domain names have made the news because of the politicians who own their exact match .com domain names (and those who don’t). I think people who have built brands around their names and personalities have a greater reason to own their domain names than others.

Most of the Shark Tank cast members have built successful companies, and those brand names may differ from their personal brands. On Shark Tank, these “sharks” have successfully built their own personal brands. Owning the exact match .com domain names ensures that people can easily navigate to their personal websites, and it prevents others from using them in ways that may not align with the brand images these entrepreneurs have crafted.

I am not sure when these “sharks” were able to acquire their exact match domain names. I presume some have been owned for a while and others may have been more recent acquisitions. Whatever the case may be, it’s a smart move for them to own these exact match .com domain names.


  1. You have a bad link for Lori Greiner.
    I wouldn’t advice clicking on it, because it infected my laptop.


  2. I also enjoy watching the shark tank show.What would be equally as enjoyable would be a update of the companies the sharks invested in that failed.*I think future business owners would benefit from seeing and hearing the dont’s as much as the do’s.

    *assuming there are failures.

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