We Know About Cheesecake, But What About Other Food .Com Domain Names


I posted an article about Cheesecake.com going on sale, and I wanted to see what companies own other popular food .com domain names and whether each domain name is developed.

For this article, I chose food items that can be shipped / delivered since there are millions of food domain names out there. If you know of other food names that I missed, especially if they are owned by a

  • Brownies.com – Fairytale Brownies (developed)
  • Cake.com – Private (landing page)
  • Candy.com – Melville Candy Company (developed)
  • Chicken.com – DigiMedia (parked)
  • Chocolate.com – Chocolate.com, LLC (developed)
  • Cookies.com – Cookies.com, LLC (developed)
  • Cupcakes.com – Name Administration (parked)
  • Fish.com – Tabcom (developed)
  • Fruit.com – Fruit of the Loom (not resolving)
  • Fudge.com – Sabre Corporation (developed)
  • Grapefruit.com – PA Gordon (parked)
  • Hamburgers.com – Vertical Axis (parked)
  • HotSauce.com – Private – (developed)
  • IceCream.com – Dreyers (developed)
  • Jelly.com –  Fischer and Wieser Specialty Foods (developed)
  • Lobster.com – Lobster.com Interactive (developed)
  • Oranges.com – National A-1 Advertising (parked)
  • Pasta.com –  Ingis & Company – (developed)
  • PeanutButter.com – Unilever (developed)
  • Popcorn.com – Popcorn.com (does not resolve)
  • Pudding.com – Reflex Publishing (parked)
  • Sauce.com – Unilever (developed)
  • Shrimp.com – Scott Holdings (developed)
  • Steak.com – Web Development, LLC (developed)
  • Vegetables.com – Nunes Vegetables, Inc (forwarded)


  1. Elliot,

    It’s quite telling that you list 10 different types of confectionery, five different types of meat, and yet you bundle all of the world’s edible flora into the single word “vegetables”.

  2. @ Kevin

    LOL… not surprisingly, I just had a filling done by the dentist today 🙂

    When I was compiling the list, I was thinking about things that are commonly shipped. Produce isn’t shipped that often because it’s cheap to buy at the store and overnight shipping for freshness would be cost prohibitive.

  3. Years ago, i bought Buydonuts.com and was going to start a mail order donut company. I just couldn’t find a company that had donuts I liked and when I did find the one company I did like, they went out of business on me after a great run of 40 years as a family business. Thought you’d like the story.

  4. I used to own Cookies.com back in the 1990s. In 1999 I got an offer of $5,000 for it, which seemed low to me, so I shopped it around to the major cookie companies like Famous Amos and Mrs. Fields to see if I could get a higher price, but none of them were interested, so I sold it for $5000. Now it would be worth $1 million+.

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