Uniregistry Announces Pioneers Program


Uniregistry LogoOne of the best ways for a new gTLD domain registry to let people know that it exists is to ensure that some of their domain names are developed into brands. One way to accomplish this goal is to get some of the premium domain names in the hands of people and companies who will develop them into brands.

Uniregistry recently announced its Pioneers Program, which aims to put some of its reserved domain names in the hands of developers. Instead of having to pay what might be a substantial sum to secure a reserved domain name from the registry, Uniregistry will either give a domain name to a qualifying applicant or charge a nominal fee for the rights to it.

Here’s how the Uniregistry Pioneers Program is described:

If you have an intention to place one of our reserved or premium names into immediate use, where the domain name will be the primary address for your goods, services or online content, please write to us at  pioneers@uniregistry.link, and we will send you an application for our Pioneers Program.

As a pioneer, you will receive a quality name in your desired TLD, at a reduced registration price, in exchange for your promise (i) to place the name into active use as your website’s primary Internet identifier, (ii) advertise and promote your website by sending traffic to your new Uniregistry domain name, and (iii) not sell the domain name to any third-party, except when incident to the sale of your business.

I don’t know what types of questions are on the application, nor do I know what quality considerations will be made before awarding domain names to applicants, so you’ll need to contact Uniregistry if you are interested in learning more. The Pioneers Program is applicable for all Uniregistry new gTLD domain name extensions such as .Link, .Tattoo, .Sexy, ,Photo, .Gift…etc. Contact the company for more details and other information about this program.

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  1. Good move that should be positive for all, including domainers, because it’s when an extension get some recognition and exposure that the value and interest raise.

    The Lend.me site we launch June 2th is part of a similar program from the .ME registry. This registry have done a fantastic work on the promotion of .ME, I wish the same success to Uniregistry.

  2. Defintiely good idea, as only developing sites can add new gTLD domain names any real meaning.

    Otherwise, they just look funny, and dissolve the value of established extensions.

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