Which “Top Sales Pick” Would You Want?


Each week, I receive an email from Sedo detailing their top publicly reported domain name sales of the prior week. In addition to the list of domain name sales, the company also includes its choices for “Top Sales Picks” of the week. These domain names are listed for sale at Sedo and I believe most are actively brokered by Sedo’s domain brokers.

I was looking at this week’s list and thought about which name I like best. Here’s a look at the list that was sent to me this afternoon:

  • Brandy.com
  • Can.com
  • Dollars.com
  • EKG.com
  • EM.com
  • MNW.com
  • Musicals.com
  • Nurses.com
  • TVO.com
  • TinyHouse.com

If you could own just one of these domain names, which would it be and why?


  1. What a great list! I’d say em.com for the immediate liquid value of s 2 letter domain, but dollars.com and nurses.com our incredible domains to build out.

  2. EM.com – 7 figure name I go with this one Your guaranteed $$ extremely liquid. Sell it and reinvest in 3 meaningful names.

    runner ups.

    brandy -nice but amazon will take that business over in 5 years.
    can- gets most type in traffic but what do you do with it. Maybe a tony robbins copycat.
    nurses – not bad but your competition is nurse.com could be a recruitment site for nurses.
    dollars- not so much tokens, crypto is future

    Don Murray

  3. Despite that I am a champion of the value of the best long domains because of the misguided and mistaken myths about that, among that bunch I would want EM.com first. Then Dollars.com. That is also consistent with everything I say, in that the value of the best long in no way threatens or diminishes the value of the best short, despite so many acting as if it does with such mistaken zero-sum zeal. While they are great domains in that list and it would be great to have any of them, there are many long multiple word domains that would be better and more valuable than the rest of them, as well as more valuable than both EM.com and Dollars.com. Nurses.com is also particularly noteworthy there in terms of end user potential for a real site relating directly and indirectly to nurses and health/medicine, but we know that it is extremely likely it would just wind up being used for porn unless there was control over who bought it. Nurses.com is such a truly great domain, would hate to see it just get wasted on porn.

  4. em.com first just because it’s a valuable LL.com.

    Second choice would be Can.com for the short LLL, good letters, pronounceable, and possible value in Canada.

    The em.com would go good with my French IDN êm.com

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