TLD List: Domain Name Price Comparison Tool


I received an email over the weekend from Tim White announcing the launch of I am not familiar with Mr. White or his website, but it looks like is a domain name price comparison tool.

According to the email I received, TLD-List “is a free listing of all top level domains, including each TLD’s pricing and free features offered by 26 major registrars.” The prices are updated every six hours to adjust for price changes, fluctuations, and special offers. The website touts that there are “930 Top Level Domains” listed in its index. It looks like there are gTLD extensions, new gTLD domain extensions, and ccTLD domain extensions listed.

I can see why something like this would be valuable for people looking to hand register domain names at a low cost. Searching for good deals can be cumbersome, and it looks like TLD List does the price comparison  automatically, theoretically saving time and money for those who are budget conscious.

Mr. White shared some of the reasons he created the tool, and he also asked users for feedback.

Many domain registrars offer special coupons and deals directly to customers, via social media channels, and elsewhere. This may mean that the lowest list price is not actually the lowest price available. In addition, volume buyers may be able to receive special offers and pricing directly from the registrar. From a one-off perspective or from a time saving perspective when a domain name needs to be registered right away at the best price, this type of tool seems like it could be beneficial to users.

I did not do a comparison to see if the pricing is accurate, so you’ll need to do your own due diligence before using this tool.


  1. Hey all, Tim White here, maker of I’m open to feedback or feature requests for the tool. I’m also looking for the best sources on the web for registrar promo codes so the tool can automatically grab them, and apply to the pricing. Thanks!

  2. @Tim White–nice informative site, do you have info on transfer coupons and the the cost to transfer to the registers?

    Sir Eliot- you don’t have your weekend musings anymore?

    Too busy with the kids that your forgot about weekend and weekend is the most important part of your life now-family time

    • @BullS – thanks. Yes, all the transfer, renewal, and registration prices can be viewed in a table if you click on a TLD’s name. And right now there are 2 registrar coupons located on the Promo Codes page that apply to transfers.

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