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Case Study: The Value of Content


I've written about TextBroker.com before, and now I want to give you an example of why it's very important to have unique content on your websites.

I pay around $4.70 for most unique articles I have custom written for some of my websites. The articles are around 200 words in length, and I proofread each of the articles, add some personal insights or ideas, and write additional commentary based on my experience. I also generally add a related photo from Flickr, a stock photo website, or from one of my photo albums. These articles drive great (targeted) traffic that would be expensive for me to purchase.

Here's an example.

A few weeks ago, I realized that many people would be searching Google and Bing to see if they need to give a tip or a Christmas gift for their dog walker. I had two articles written by TextBroker, and I also used my own experience to add more information.

One article was written about tips for Christmas gifts for a dog walker and the other article was about Christmas tips for dog walkers, and I posted → Read More

TextBroker.com: My Secret Weapon


The biggest problem with owning a number of websites is writing content for them. Content is what drives traffic, and traffic is generally the key driver for advertising, and you need to have fresh content for SEO and to continue to drive additional traffic to your website.

I've used Elance for copy writers before, and I've also hired them in private from posts on Craigslist and on forums, but I have been MUCH more satisfied with the work from TextBroker.com. They are fast, they aren't too expensive, and most importantly, they are proficient. You also don't have to worry about hearing excuses from copywriters about why their work won't be on time.

I've probably had about 300 articles written by TextBroker writers for my websites, and I've only needed to have two re-written. One of those articles was because I had a fairly lengthy article request on a topic that was pretty small, and the writer rambled...  I can't say that I really blame him for that though.

The only time I won't use TextBroker.com is on my blog. It would → Read More