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Guest Post: Matt Bentley on the Recent Google Algorithm Change and Its Impact on Domain Investors


Google Unleashes "Revenge of the Niche Publishers"

Though it's gone largely unnoticed in the domain industry, a Google algorithm update announced today may just be the best news the domain industry has heard in years. A first step towards ending the long reign of the "MegaSite", content factories churning out endless supplies of content and ranking solely by the size and authority of their domain.

Or, it may just be another PR move from a search behemoth increasingly under fire for the declining quality of their results. Only time and detailed analysis of the results will tell.

So why should domain investors care about Google changes?

Since ~2007 Big G's never-ending quest to fight spam has increasingly emphasized Site Authority ie, how big and well-linked a website is. Eric Schmidt famously stated that "[big] brands are how you sort out the cesspool" of the internet.

The unsurprising result of an emphasis on Site Authority was the rise of MegaSites like eHow, AssociatedContent, and, where non-expert writers → Read More