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Looks Like HD.com Was Sold


In my DomainTools Domain Monitor alerts this morning, I saw that HD.com was transferred from a China-based domain registrar to GoDaddy. The Whois registrant information has a privacy proxy service and the nameservers are generic GoDaddy nameservers, so the current owner of HD.com is still unknown. With this transfer to a different registrar (and a GoDaddy default landing page), it appears that the domain name was sold.

When I saw the transfer, my first thought was that Home Depot acquired the domain name. In my opinion, HD.com would be the perfect fit for the publicly traded company with a market cap of nearly $195 billion (disclosure: I own some HD stock). Based on the fact that Home Depot registers its domain names via CSC Corporate Domains and HD.com is currently registered at GoDaddy, my guess is that is unlikely.

There are quite a few large companies with HD as initials including: (more…) → Read More