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Facebook Scam Hits Domain Investor


FacebookI know this is a fairly well-documented scam, but I understand it's impacted a member of the domain community, so I wanted to share it with you. The premise is that a hacker gains access to a person's Facebook account and sends instant messages to that person's friends asking for money.

While the premise behind the scam changes, it's most often related to being stuck in a situation without money or access to funds. In many cases, the scammer claims that he was robbed at gun point, and all credit cards, cash, and mobile devices were taken. The scammer claims to immediately need cash via Western Union or some other difficult to track money transfer.

One reason I point this out is because many people who are connected on Facebook aren't actually closely related in real life and may not know the person (and their diction) very well. In addition, they may not know where their "friends" travel and how often, so the scam may not seem unrealistic at first glance.

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