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Check Your Parked Domain Names After Buying


It is the responsibility of domain owners to ensure their pay per click links are set accurately and the "for sale" link (if applicable) is working as anticipated. It is a good idea to check on this after a domain name inquiry.

Last week, I sold a domain name to another investor. When I owned the domain name, I had it parked, and I forward inquiries for almost all of my  parked domain names to an inquiry page. For some reason, when the buyer added the domain name to his parking account after I deleted it, the link to remained. I have reported this issue to the parking company.

Another issue I sometimes face is that I occasionally have domain names rejected from my parking account because they are already in someone else's account. I am notified that the domain name listing was rejected, but I sometimes overlook the notice in the email and assume the domain name was added. When this happens and it is not corrected, I would likely not earn any income from parking nor would I receive any purchase inquiries → Read More

What to do with Extra / Unused Domains


Every once in a while, a family friend or friend of a friend gets in touch with me to ask about their unused domain names. Sometimes these domain names were bought for a project that was never launched or they were previously used and are no longer needed.

I want to share the advice I generally give to people who own extra domain names but aren't in the business of domain investing. Generally speaking, I recommend three options for them to either use their domain names, make money from the traffic their domain names receive, or to increase the likelihood of selling their domain names.

Three ways to profit from unused domain names:

1) Park the domain names to earn pay per click (PPC) revenue. It is free to (more…) → Read More

Great Looking Landing Pages


I know there are people who swear that more minimal landing page graphics are better for click through rates and ultimately revenue on parked domain names. There are also people who think that a better looking landing page creates a better user experience for visitors, and they will stick around longer as a result.

My company doesn't do enough parking to really test these theories enough for me to take a guess. However, I've recently seen a couple of nice looking landing pages and wanted to share them with you.

The first one is for, which appears to be a Dotzup lander based on the DNS. The pictures match the domain name and theme perfectly, and the center links make the lander look like a developed website. I would imagine the links are hand selected to give visitors the options they would expect on a camping supply website. I don't know the owner, but I believe he has a number of good domain names.

The second landing page I like is a weight loss theme from Domain Advertising. Although they can't link to → Read More