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Hidden Costs of Domain Name Leasing


I've written a number of articles about domain name leasing. I've discussed the benefits of leasing a domain name, and I've also discussed the downsides of domain name leases. In 2009, I also wrote about additional problems with domain leasing.

In the last three or four years, I've leased a few domain names (as the domain name owner), and I've also discussed lease deals on a number of other domain names. For the most part, the deals either didn't make sense to finalize or they fell apart after a drawn out negotiation. This has given me some personal insight into the hidden costs of domain name leasing, which I want to discuss today.

As the owner of the domain name, you need to be judicious in how your lease agreement is drafted. I would assume you are going to have an attorney draft your agreement, since not having legal advice for something like this would be like going to the supermarket for dental work. An inexpensive attorney might charge you a couple hundred dollars an hour, while most attorneys will charge more, and some → Read More