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Venture Launched As Domain Name Leasing Platform


While evaluating a domain name that had a message of "Lease this Domain" on the top of its parked landing page, I noticed the link directed me to Venture is a recently launched business that offers "premium domain leasing with transparent and affordable pricing." Venture was founded by Dr. Kevin Ham and it is operated by his company.

The company's about us page explains the idea behind the domain name leasing concept that drives its business model:

"After decades of experience in the internet business, we figured out a way to address the supply and demand issue surrounding valuable domain properties. The idea came during a visit to California and introduction to the Irvine Ranch, a 93,000 acre plot of private, masterly planned urban land. The Irvine company's commitment to good stewardship of their land inspired us to build a model that would connect unused digital properties to startups, entrepreneurs, and big ideas.

Thousands of premium domains lie vacant, waiting for a great idea to be built on them. → Read More