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Subscribe to Elliot's BlogI had a chance to use EscrowDNS for a transaction this past week, and since I've used and Moniker escrow services before, I thought I would compare these three escrow services. Aside from a registrar relationship with Moniker, I am not personally connected to any of the companies, so this is as unbiased as possible and based on my own personal experiences.

Moniker Escrow Service:
How it works: Buyer and seller agree to a transaction online. Buyer and seller sign and fax/scan the agreement to Moniker, which is then approved by Moniker staff. Seller pushes domain from Moniker account or provides EPP code to Moniker for a transfer from another registrar. Buyer sends Moniker the funds via wire transfer or other form of payment. When Moniker has money and domain name, they push the domain to the buyer's Moniker account and the seller can request the funds be disbursed.

Fees: $5,000 sale = $149 $10,000 sale = $200, $50,000 sale = $450

My Take: I really like how Moniker controls the entire process, although it can → Read More