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Buying Trademark Domain Names


Anyone who owns or has registered more than a handful of domain names has probably owned one or more names that infringe on the trademark of another company, whether its intentional or unintentional. Figuring out what domain names are dangerous to a domain portfolio is a big part of doing business as a domain investor.

Sometimes blatant trademarks pose no threat because the trademark holder doesn't seem to care, and other times seemingly generic domain names become issues when overreaching companies attempt to take domain names using the legal system - or threats of the legal system. You need to be aware of the risks involved with domain investing before jumping in head first.

On average, I receive a few emails a month that go something like this: "I own the domain name, and I am not sure if it's a trademark. What do you think?"

Although I would love to give my educated opinion when I get those emails, I almost always recommend that the person speak with a lawyer, since I have no legal experience. When I first → Read More