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I appreciate all the comments I received on the post I wrote about the launch of I want to discuss a couple of things brought up in the post and in threads from a couple of domain forums. Whether I am going about it right or wrong will impact my business, but hopefully you can get ideas for your next project to save you some time on testing.

I think Mike McAlister did a fantastic job with the design of the site. I made some suggestions at the beginning of the project and showed him a few directory sites that I liked, and I think he hit a home run with it. I agree to some extent that the design comes second to the content and ease of use, but I don't agree that people can compare small niche sites to huge sites like Craigslist and Google which have less design elements.

In my opinion, when a new site is launched, it needs to catch attention, and one way to do that is design - especially when the content is lacking for the time being. Most of the successful minimalist websites have very unique offerings and are → Read More