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Does a Big Sale Raise Domain Values?


I am in the midst of a discussion with one of my blog readers, Bruce Gittleman (who gave me permission to use his name and domain names), and the discussion centers on whether Rick Schwartz's pending sale of will lift the values of four domain names Bruce owns, (reg'd in 1999),, and There is a saying, "a rising tide lifts all boats," and some people liken it to a big domain sale increasing the value of similar or related domain names, but I don't think it applies in this situation.

After a large domain sale like, world event like the election of President Obama, or tragedy like the tsunami in Thailand, people register thousands of domain names with the hopes of capitalizing on the increased publicity. It is my belief that 99.9% of these types of domain names do not sell. Although Bruce didn't specifically register his brandable domain names because of Rick's pending sale, if they are put up for sale now, they will compete with thousands of → Read More

“Forced Entrepreneurship” and Domain Names


There's an interesting article in the New York Times today discussing how difficult economic conditions and a tough job market are forcing people to think about how they can make their own work. "Forced Entrepreneurship," as it is referred to by Mark V. Cannice, (ED of the entrepreneurship program at the University of San Francisco), is where people figure out a way to make money from their own work.

One of the easiest ways for a person to do this is setting up a website and complementing it by using online social media venues like Twitter and Facebook. I've seen an uptick in domain offers, although they are mostly for brandable domain names owned by friends and colleagues.   I believe this is a sign that many forced entrepreneurs are looking to build their unique brand online, and when they find their idea domain name is already registered, they are trying to buy it in the aftermarket.

I personally don't really care to invest in brandable domain names, as I liken them to lottery tickets, but I think there is growing interest. → Read More