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Latonas Set to Challenge Bido with Daily Domain Auctions


Latonas.comI just received Rick Latona's Daily Newsletter email, which informed subscribers of a change to its format. Instead of listing domain names for sale at fixed buy it now prices, each listed domain name will be for sale in a 24 hour auction on This is big news, which is sure to drive up interest and participation in upcoming newsletters.

To be eligible to bid, domain buyers must register for an account on Bid increments will depend on the current price of the auction, but auctions are slated for 24 hours each. Full details can be found on

Since Sahar launched Bido, he has been discussing the importance of liquidity in the domain space. Similar to Bido, promises to bring liquidity to the marketplace, as buyers will set the price/value of domain names in auction rather than the sellers. It's a gamble, but as Latona revealed in his newsletter, at least "15,000 domain, internet marketing professionals, and businesspeople" are subscribers.

The quality of domain names is what will → Read More

Bido to Run Charity Auction for Animal Org


Sahar Sarid has announced that his domain auctionhouse Bido will run a charity domain auction for   Hacienda de los Milagros, an animal sanctuary and rescue center that is supported by my friend and private domain board founder Donna Mahony. The auction is for a small portfolio (and growing) of animal-related domain names.   The auction starts on April 1st at 1pm. → Read More

Liquidating Your Domain Names


Say that you need to cash out your domain investments ASAP. Perhaps you need to pay some bills, and you can't afford to hold on to some of your domain names any more. Where do you turn? Right now, I don't think there are any absolute reliable options, but I do think Bido is going to change this.

If you put your domain name up for sale on a domain forum, it's unlikely to sell unless it's a great name and you price it under market value. What happens is that you list your name, and if it's not snapped up in the first several minutes, others will pass it over, and eventually it will end up on page 5 - the annals of the domain forum. You then have to lower your price, and wait and hope that someone sees it the second time around. This is no way to liquidate a domain name because it isn't quick and you aren't guaranteed to sell it for what the market will yield.

When you put a domain name for sale on a site like Sedo or Afternic, you are   competing with hundreds of thousands of other domain names, and a quick sale is very → Read More