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Who is Aldo Landucci?


In the last few days, my Blog has received a number of visits from Google after people searched for the term "Aldo Landucci." One of my readers had posted an email he received from a "Aldo Landucci" in an article I wrote about domain scams. Since I don't have any evidence that this is a scam, I decided to give it a separate blog post.

I know of many people who have received the same (or at least a similar) email, which seem to be targeting the acquisition of .net domain names. I don't know if the person is closing deals, replying to emails, or if it's even a real person, but I wanted to let you know that a lot of people have received the emails, so don't get your hopes raised too high if you happen to get one, too.

Incidentally, Justin Godfrey, the former owner of EscrowDNS wrote a post on DNForum about this email since it mentions the company he founded. According to Justin, "It's come to my attention that someone is sending out emails offering to purchase domain names and then suggesting to use as a potential → Read More