Sunday Afternoon Thoughts and Updates


Hope you are having a great weekend. There is less than one month until NamesCon. With the holidays coming up, it will be here before I know it. I have my conference ticket and airline tickets, but I totally forgot to book my hotel. I am still debating between staying at the Tropicana and Vdara or Cosmopolitan. That will be booked this week.

Here are some thoughts and updates for you. You are more than welcome to share your domain industry thoughts, tips, and updates in the comment section.

Have a great week!

As the year winds down, now is a great time to rekindle old leads – both purchase and sale leads. This week will probably be the last week of the year that people are almost totally focused on business before Christmas and the new year, so it could be a good time to make something happen.

Now is a good time to reach out to your industry account representatives to ask if their company is sponsoring a party, get together, or dinner during NamesCon. Some companies host large gatherings and others have smaller get togethers. While I find that many companies mention their get togethers in person at the conference, some plan them in advance. Now would be a good time to make those plans.

Someone asked me why I writing so much about NamesCon. In my opinion, the more people who attend the conference, the better it is going to be for everyone. Conferences are all about the people, and this has become the biggest domain industry event of the year. I hope to see you there.

With some companies looking to spend extra marketing money at the end of the year, this week might be a good time to rekindle old leads. DNS has been doing this successfully, and you can do it, too. This is probably the last good week to get deals done because many people are out of the office during Christmas and the last week of the year.

Alan Dunn published a good article on TechCrunch about the domain name market in China. It’s always good to see mainstream publications covering domain names.

This UDRP decision is very concerning to me and should be noted by all domain investors. I am glad to see the ICA has issued a statement about it, and I hope the owner of the domain name takes further action to stop the domain transfer.


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