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I get quite a bit of email from people asking me questions about domain names. I don’t offer domain consulting services, and I thought that if I am going to spend personal time answering these questions, I might as well share the answers publicly for the benefit of others. I also figured that I could sell advertising to be compensated for the time I spend helping others instead of working on my own business. was born.

Aside from a couple of ads from my blog advertisers when launched, I never really got around to selling advertising on the website. I didn’t feel comfortable charging advertisers for ad space on an unproven website that wasn’t seeing a ton of traffic. As a result of not earning much money, I didn’t really pay attention to the website. I have also been annoyed by the constant posts by spammers, so I disabled new user registrations a while back.

In light of this, I am finally going to kill off and forward the domain name via 301 redirect to There isn’t much SEO value nor is there much traffic, so it won’t have much impact, but for all intents and purposes, will no longer exist as soon as I get around to doing a 301 redirect.

Because the emails with questions to me won’t stop, I am going to try and do a weekly or semi-weekly mail column to answer questions from people who read my blog. I will ask people for permission to post their question and give a public answer. This will benefit people who ask questions, provide an opportunity for discussion, and benefit the companies who generously advertise on

If a question is confidential in nature, my advice is to ask someone else. I am not a domain consultant and don’t have any interest in consulting. There are plenty of people that do domain consulting though, so if it’s a confidential question, I recommend engaging one of those people. If you know of a consultant not on the list, let me know – it hasn’t been updated in a while.

I am not going to promote the mail column, but I will try to make it a regular feature. If you have questions that you’d like me to answer, you know how to contact me and use the subject “Mail Column” for a greater chance of a full response.


  1. This is a great idea. I just mentioned this is a recent post about being able to “book” time with domain experts on Clarity.FM—I was going to link to DomainQuestions, but updated it to mention this announcement instead.

  2. Elliot you’re so…emotional…

    That’s why I follow your blog. You take what other people think into consideration and it’s appreciated.

    • I don’t know about emotional, but I absolutely take what people think into consideration with respect to my blog. Without the people who read and comment on my blog, it wouldn’t be what it is.

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