Some Sunday Updates and Thoughts


This may come as a bit of a surprise to you, but I am not very handy. When something breaks or needs to be fixed, I call someone to do it for me. I’ve never been handy, and I don’t foresee myself becoming handy.

For the past week, I have been volunteering to build a community playground, which is being built from the ground up. I have been wheelbarrowing, shoveling and raking rocks and gravel, painting/staining some of the wood structure, helping build wood jigs, and doing a bunch of other odd jobs. Despite my sore muscles, it has been a ton of fun. I think I am going to try and find some other volunteer activities to do because the camaraderie has been great.

I want to share some thoughts and updates with you. As always, your thoughts are invited as well.

I received a Google alert about a police report that was taken regarding a stolen domain name. I am not sure how much help a local police force can provide, but I don’t think it can hurt to report a stolen domain name. The worse that happens is some lost time, and the best that happens is the police helps in the recovery of the domain name, saving time and money.

Here is part of the introduction to an article I wrote that appeared in The Domain Name Association’s “State of the Domains” publication, which was distributed prior to the ICANN meeting: “As State of the Domains serves to promote and explore the entirety of the domain name industry, we invited Elliot to write a guest column for this issue, reprising his controversial post for a professional domain industry audience. We are grateful to Elliot for freely sharing his point of view.” I invite you to read what I wrote and share your thoughts about it.

I am still considering re-adding the weekly brokerage listings. I miss seeing what is coming on the market from brokers, and I have not been diligent about asking since I stopped publishing the weekly article.

I wonder how much of an impact the Chinese rate cut is going to have on the domain market (if any).

Alan Dunn started a new blog on Name.Link. I think it will be worth reading.

Tracy Fogarty has also been blogging at her website.

Unfortunately, Mike Mann informed me that the reported $20,000 sale of a 2013 hand registered domain name did not go through. The domain name was sold on a large domain name marketplace, and it was deemed fraudulent. As such, I took down the article I published last week.


  1. Habitat for Humanity is a good cause and you get to meet lots of good people.

    Sometimes I see stuffs like good furniture, kitchen utensils,sets and sets of good plates, clothes, baby items and household stuffs at can’t believe people throw good stuffs out.
    Call them up and load those stuffs in my pickup and give those new immigrants at the Habitat for Humanity. I get “OLD” computers (which are still good) fixed them up and give them away!!!
    Make use of my technical skills.

  2. Please bring weekly brokerage listings back.

    They provide valuable information about domains that are available – some perhaps outside traditional broker newsletter channels – thereby considerably increasing value of DomainInvesting blog to your readership.

  3. Here’s a Monday thought: what’s the deal with .club domains that have expired and been deleted from the registry for a long time now, are not premium, but are nonetheless listed as unavailable to register?

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