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The owner of reached out to me via email within the past few weeks looking to sell the domain name. I think would make a unique and cheeky brand name, but the price was well above what I would pay to purchase it as an investment. co-founder Adam Strong shared a photo of a letter he received in the mail from the owner of, which was apparently sent to some domain brokers and brokerages:

I think this letter campaign is well done because it is targeting brokers rather than prospective end user buyers. I think it might be challenging to go out and find targeted leads to buy this particular domain name, but reaching out to brokers could be more effective.

The logo graphics and letter are eye catching, and I think the owner made the right call reaching out to brokers. is a cool domain name, and it will eventually be turned into a cool brand name when the right buyer gets ahold of it.

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  1. is a conversation piece on the mantel above the fireplace – that is its only value just like,,, and and other domains like that we have all accumulated over the years. I don’t even want to sell them except, I suppose, for real stupid money.

    A good Friday post Eliot……..

    • No, it’s extremely valuable, and not a single one of your purported “comps” is within 1,000 miles of it. And I’m an end user first, domainer second.

    • Didn’t notice, that’s the ask? It’s definitely worth that to a good end user, regardless of how easy it is or isn’t to get that right now.

  2. Love and it goes with my
    People are so damn smartAss now on the internet and 99.9999% of the websites are so fake…full of fake news…

    Magna cum laude
    Graduate of Domain King Academy

    MBA-My Big Ass(all of you have one

  3. Different people might have different opinions. While some consider this name cool, I consider it crude and having no class. It reminds me of a VPN service called Hide My A**, whose service I would never use for the same reason.

    I mean no offense to anyone here. Just saying that people’s acceptance levels toward a name like this one can vary a lot.

  4. Its always entertaining when BullS chimes in.
    if it got to the point where my real $10K could buy the domain. Not me – maybe my real $5K just to add it to the useless domain collection on the mantel above the fireplace as well.
    With all the speech regulation today on facePLANT, TWEAKER…….. tell me they will not eventually disallow advertising of on those platforms. Point being is everybody has heard of GEICO, Progressive, etc…. but they still spend countless millions on pounding the brand into our head.
    What media source is going to allow advertising – and how big is the advertising budget using real money?

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