Sedo Updates Price List


This afternoon, in an email sent to customers and registered users, Sedo announced that there has been an update to the company’s price list. I think that domain investors who buy or sell domain names using Sedo should be aware of the changes. The new pricing list goes into effect on April 9, 2015, and the company advised that customers updated their prices accordingly.

You should have a look at Sedo’s price list page for full details, but here are a few of the services and fees that I chose to highlight:

  • On acquisitions, Sedo charges a retainer of $69 USD to hire a Sedo Domain Broker along with a 15% commission based on purchase price.
  • Buy Now sale originating on Sedo’s Domain Marketplace in which the domain is also parked with Sedo – 10% of sale price commission
  • Sale originating on Sedo’s Domain Marketplace – 15% of sale price commission
  • Sale originating on the SedoMLS ® Promotion Network – 20% of sale price commission
  • For broker assisted sales, upon successful negotiation of a purchase and sale agreement, Sedo charges the seller a brokerage fee of 15% of the gross sales price.

The price list has many additional details, such as the minimum fees, VAT information, and more details. You can also learn about featured listing and upgrade costs on that page as well.

The email I received and the price list page do not have a list of the current prices, so I can’t compare how much change there is to the new pricing. If you have any comments about the price changes, you are welcome to share them here.


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