Regurgitated Domain News

I know Theo’s post on DomainGang this afternoon was probably made tongue in cheek, but I wanted to touch on the topic of “regurgitated” domain news since the DG article didn’t allow comments.

I can commiserate with Theo, because I know it can be  aggravating  to read an article on another website after writing an article on a similar topic, especially if it isn’t a “hot” topic and the author didn’t link back to the source. As a blogger, I often put a considerable amount of effort into researching and writing articles, and it can be annoying to see a similar article, especially if there are more comments on it than my original post!

That being said, I must say that I don’t spend a lot of time reading other blogs and websites. I check in on frequently, but I don’t have a lot of time to read other sites. I get Google News alerts related to domain names and companies in the industry, and if I see a news story covering domain names, I may write my analysis of it.  Similarly, I use the same sites as others, so if there’s a breaking news story that will impact my business, I will probably write my take on it.

In addition to Theo, I, too, wrote about Godaddy not providing Whois lookups on DomainTools. I was on vacation when Theo wrote his article and didn’t see it until today, and I saw Mark Fulton’s article just after I had written my article. I had it set to publish very soon after Mark’s, but I pushed mine back a couple of days because it wasn’t a breaking news story but was interesting enough to cover (and I didn’t want to purge an article I spent time writing). I also felt it was appropriate to publish because I wrote about a different aspect of the article, discussing the fact that Godaddy is essentially monetizing the Whois results pages.

Similar to the regular news world, there will always be more than one news outlet that finds a topic interesting to cover and to discuss. In my opinion, it’s a good thing to have multiple articles with various opinions about a similar topic…

except if I wrote about it first!

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I hate to say it in public, Elliot: my DG editorial – whereupon no comments are enabled – has nothing to do with your cover of the story. As it has happened before, this is merely a misunderstanding but since you didn’t email me about it, I think it’s fair to respond here.

  2. I rather enjoy reading different, interesting perspectives on certain subjects…I follow fewer than 10 bloggers, and Elliot is only one of two that I follow in the “domaining” arena. I’m not a domainer, but I have picked up several potential business ideas from this blog and from “thedomains dot com”.

    – TBC

  3. If I saw the same “subject” in multiple domain blogs’ I’d read in this order.

    domaingang-never go there

  4. isnt this technically also a regurgitated post?

    i mean its a post about a post thats about a post LOL

    Anyways – its not the end of the world if a story is written more than once – has anyone heard of this thing called the internet? It’s full of copied … er I mean UNIQUE content – and no way is anything ever written more than once on the internet…..

    I always go to the domains, domaining, then here to get my news, but now im starting to check out other blogs because of domaining.

    so Elliot – you always have unique content which is why you have so many readers.

  5. Keep regurgitating,

    It’s good to read many points of view on stories,

    Some bloggers know how to make it there own, some just copy from others.

    The term “to many cooks spoil the broth” dont come into play here 🙂

    The more posts about 1 story the better.

  6. All of the tv news channels report same news.

    It doesn’t bother me that Elliot or Andrew or Adam
    or Michael or Techcrunch or others report the same
    industry news and gives us their spin of it.

    Like others have said, I don’t have time to read
    every blog or news site everyday.

    What I do prefer is when the writer is concise
    and to the point.

  7. Elliot,

    Got a friend who used to own newspapers. Back then, they called it “scalping”. It’s the oldest trick in the book. The editor gives the writers the competitor papers every day for story ideas.

    The internet has replaced the papers. You’re getting “scalped”. Get over it.


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