Alleged Domain Theft Involving 3 Letter Domain Names


Someone posting under the handle “Toilet-Monster” posted a warning on DNForum this morning about a reported domain theft that allegedly occurred with his Godaddy account. The DNF member has a iTrader rating of 30 and has been a member of the domain forum since 2007.

According to Toilet-Monster (great name, BTW), the following 3 letter .com domain names were allegedly  pilfered  from his Godaddy account:


In addition to these valuable domain names, a number of other names, including 4 letter domain names, were also taken. Visit DNForum for the list of domain names.

If someone approaches you to sell names quickly, for less than market value, or using a payment method that doesn’t seem right, you should be extra cautious. It’s also your responsibility to do due  diligence  on the domain names and the seller whenever you complete a deal. If you don’t, you could risk your money and the domain names.

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  1. Why the heck would he or she not have the DTVS on those domains so they can’t be stolen, even if his account it hacked into?

    I just don’t understand why folks don’t protect assets.

    Either way, that sucks, and I am so tired of thieves. Time to put this person in jail like the thief of

  2. Wow, all because he followed a phising email.

    When will people learned not to click on anything?

    When I get an email with a link to follow, I open another window, log into whatever website sent the email and try to find the page myself rather than playing with fire and taking a shortcut by following a link that may or may not be legit.

  3. Just to follow up to my post @ 12:35

    I’m not blaming the victim here, I’m just saying we should take precautions when doing anything on line.

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