Recent Acquisitions

From time to time, I like to share some of my recent domain name acquisitions. I have not really done much hand registering lately, but I have acquired a number of domain names in private and via auction.

Listed below are several of my recent  acquisitions. As always, I welcome you to submit your recent acquisitions, too, and I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on the names I bought.


What have you purchased in the last few weeks?

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. 2 or 3 of them are very narrow for me in terms of ever finding an enduser
    however, none are bad is always a seller

    I don’t know about lifestyle planning, no doubt worth money to a ‘certain group’ of people shall we say

    but the standout domain is;

    beauty is a high ticket sale to enduser or is one of those domains you can really build out and make money as a domainer, and they’re reasonably rare

    • You should go after instead. Your dot net is good. is a good domain. has good potential with the current state of the job market.

  2. Is there a rule of thumb you stick to when buying domains to resell? Meaning, do you spend up to XX% of what you think you can resell them for? Or a fixed dollar amount of profit you need (i.e. if you buy something for $100 I’d guess it is not worth your time if you could get a 3 bagger on it so you’d be looking for a dollar amount profit)?

  3. Great pickup with as it applies to both personal digital / cloud capabilities as well as household items / junk which needs storage.

    My two recents are…. – great job / website opportunity in light of the recent US efforts towards legalisation.

    DeFriend.Me – a potential brandable App for social media users wishing to defriend specific undesirable ‘friends from their social networks.

    Thanks Elliot.

  4. is a great name — a never-ending battle that pretty much everybody faces (I have EntrywayStorage myself).

    A few recent .com grabs:

  5. Congrats on some great acquisitions.

    Some of my recent pick-ups include:

    And 2 other GEOs that were flipped within 1.5 weeks of buying 🙂

  6. is a good one.

    I have recently acquired the following names:

  7. is a great name….also can be used for interior architects to specialise/maximise home storage design services….

    My recent hand reg: ( 11th largest city world pop 6,300,000 ) ( 6th largest city world pop 18,900,000 ) (geo travel/tourism) (future trend) (future trend) (future trend)

  8. is a really nice domain Elliot.

    I haven’t acquired many .com’s in the last few months and the few I have got are a bit strange but they were all cheap ($30-$80) and they all kept their age (1998 – 2005) so I am happy with my mining: – $70 – $70 – $50 – $70 (Sold at $1500 already) – $80 – $50 – $80 – $80 – $30

    I got for $70 and sold immediately for $1500 (too cheap but quick ROI). Also I turned down a $1500 offer and a few other lowball offers on that I got for $70. is getting 50-100 uniques a day so that is good. was questionable but I figured I would take a chance with one of these almost dictionary words and viral is such a big term now. I have no idea but at $30 for a pronounceable .com that was reg’d in 2001 I figured WTF! I debated as adult sucks now but I do still make money on my cam sites and it has a 1999 registration so I got it for $80 (a week later Rick Schwartz sold for $150k so now I am trying to figure out the value difference between the words “free” and “hardcore” lol). All in all I am sure I will make a decent ROI on these…

  9. Congrats on Very nice name!

    My acquisitions include:

    and* I forwarded to my existing text mobile marketing website

  10. Just a tip to some: don’t rely on Estibot solely for your search statistics. Sometimes it’s grossly off and a lookup on Google Adwords tool is required. If you buy based on stats, that could be a fatal mistake.

  11. PetitionToSecede.Com

  12. Few recent hand regs:

  13. I just hand registered:

    I heard that e-bikes will be the next big thing 🙂 Well, let’s wait and see.

  14. I love Elliot, watching that with great interest.

    My recents…


    Lemme know if you’re interested,

  15. sounds nice.

    Recently I acquired a rare aftermarket .COM of seven characters – but the transfer has not yet cleared so I’ll wait to announce. 🙂

  16. is sweet.

    Hand registered:

    I know the search counts for these suck but with all the hoopla over obamacare and my home state of Ga. and several others poised to explode in the healthcare arena, these will be keepers for awhile.

  17. Ugh, septic repairs.
    Spent about 5K on that last summer.

    If the leadgen on that isn’t lucrative yet, give it time. There are still a few highly lucrative local service verticals out there that are extremely weak on leadgen, which itself, as a whole is still ridiculously immature, bundling very hot leads for jobs worth many thousands of dollars with cold, weak leads and selling them all piecemeal for low prices.

  18. Just wanted to start by saying your blog is a great read plus the interesting comments u get r also why I come to this site!

    For my latest domain experience I decided to try some Spanish .co’s. Here are a few from my newly regged list:

    – – Pilot
    – – Fruits
    – – Farm
    – – The Beach
    – – Mexicans
    – – Motorcycling
    – – Ranches
    – – Bullfighting
    – Singers
    – – Sciences
    – – Agents
    – – Law in Spanish. Multiple meanings in English; Surname, Ley lines, green pasture or field, region in France, plus the obvious sexual connotation (as if that had to be said!)


  19. Some interesting domains being posted.

    These are a few from a list of 50 domains I hand regged these within last 2 months;

    LEY.ME – Means Law in Spanish. Has other meanings in English & French, also Surname


    MOTOCICLISMO.CO- motorcycling
    PILOTO.CO – pilot
    LAPLAYA.CO – the beach
    TOROS.CO- bullfighting


    Have you picked those at auctions or owner sales? Those two are my favorite from the list.

    I got these:

  21. I love your blog.It is definitely one of the most informative blogs on domaining.I just hand regged hope i can quickly flip it for quick cash.I rep Nigerian domainers.

  22. I also saw HomeStorage on Namejet and think that’s your best recent pick-up. I also like SepticRepairs, being an environmental engineer and think you should be able to get a good price for that one too!

    My most recent pick-ups are: ( sold for $40K last week on SEDO)

    Love to know what you think. Thanks again for the opportunity to post!

  23. Hey Elliot

    I dont know if you would do this but it would be really interesting to see what value you see in your own acquisitions but letting us readers see what you bought them for. Obviously, is a good name but I for one would love to know at what cost?

    I can only afford to hand reg and so my recents are:

  24. Hi Elliot,

    I like your and the best.

    Given the recent changes in Google’s algorithm concerning EMD’s, it looks like some of these longer domain names could have a tough road ahead unless they plan on coming up with a banging site.

    Great post, I dig your blog!

  25. I’ve had over 100 domains listled on afternic, and not sold 1 domain in the past 6 months. where else are you guys listing domains? I’m only using standard network, because I don’t ahve a supported regirsrtar

    • Your LA City Hotels by far lacks quality. Not good comparison to LA Hotels.

      Best to go with actual cities, but most of those are gone or will cost you.

      $100K for LAHotels is overpriced. IMO, LosAngelesHotels is far better.

  26. A few recent pick ups below

    I hope you like. Thanks for letting me share.


  27. Following are some names I bought recently. If anybody is interested please contact me at

    Name Keywords – (App Develop) – (SQL Ref) – (NY Sold) – (Need Bid) – (Party Float) – (Tire CheckList)

    My website is under construction and will be available with the list of all my names in a few days.

  28. Its great to have people share their acquisitions. I see that sold for $100k this week.

    I have;

    that i regged almost 2 months ago

  29. @Elliot

    I’ve always enjoyed these type of articles.

    The moment domainers are asked what they registered, they start listing their attic goods.

    Another good article is when you request to buy domains. I’m sure the next “request to buy article” will produce over 150 comments.

    In any case, you still run a quality domain blog. Hope your family and you are safe out in NYC. Happy Thanksgiving.

  30. You don’t have to post my comment – it wound up in your spam folder!

    Some nice dot coms listed, above. I like:


    Mine is TaxElitism – check out the twitter and Youtube channels:

    One high-profile Forbes blogger already followed.

  31. Hi Elliot,

    A cold and rainy night, time to web surf.

    Just picked up in the last couple of days…

    I’ll flip them somewhere.

    Bet you’re relieved to finally be settled. All the best for the new home Elliot and keep blogging!


    • oops, you are correct. I mistyped the language. Mixed them up with some Hebrew ones.
      Hebrew / Greek, its all wiggly lines to me. Killer names in .com are available in all languages for a song.
      While most focus on latin names there is a very interesting opportunity in other languages, imo. More than 50% of internet users don’t speak English so why force them to surf in English???

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