QE.com Co-Brokered by eNaming.com & Media Options


When I received my daily DomainTools alerts, I was alerted to a Whois record change for QE.com. Knowing that Media Options‘ Andrew Rosener is always apprised of the LL.com domain market, I reached out to him to see if he knows anything about it. Not surprisingly, Media Options was involved in the transaction.

According to Andrew, QE.com was recently sold. The domain name was co-brokered by Media Options and eNaming.com, the domain brokerage founded earlier this year by Tracy Fogarty.  I am told the sale price for QE.com was just over half a million dollars at $554,000. The domain name is now registered under privacy, so I am unsure of who bought it.

Most recently on July 7, QE.com had been offered for sale in the Media Options newsletter for $600,000. The domain name has been listed for sale a few times this year by different brokers.  I also saw that the domain name made appearances in auctions in 2009 and 2012. I am not sure if the domain name has changed hands during this time, but I searched Namebio, and I did not see a public sales record for QE.com.

It is interesting to see two successful domain brokers working together to get a deal done. I don’t have the details on how Andrew and Tracy teamed up, but it’s nice to see this type of deal happening. Commenting on the co-brokered deal, Andrew Rosener told me, “it was a pleasure working with Tracy to get the deal done!” In a separate email, Tracy told me, “I truly enjoyed co-brokering the deal with Andrew. Even though we have different companies, working as a Team making the deal happen ended in the perfect result.. Happy Seller, Happy Buyer.”


  1. As said earlier to wait for the “right” buyer gives you the best outcome and for that patience is the key.

    Just now Mike Berkens broke the news about 9595.com which Rick Schwartz sold for 180k. I know not everyone has the capacity to wait that long like Rick does but had I own any LL.com no matter the combination, I would have sold in 7 figs. Some might differ but that’s just my opinion.

  2. Cool report, I used to own QE.com but sold that several years ago to a forum member on dnf if I recall, haven’t looked but if he sold it I am happy for him, great return!

    • Domain Name: qe.com
      Registrant Name: pengwei
      Registrant Organization: pwinter
      Registrant Street: qianpuerli 170
      Registrant City: xia men shi
      Registrant State/Province: fu jian
      Registrant Postal Code: 361000
      Registrant Country: CN
      Registrant Phone: +86.018650153138
      Registrant Phone Ext:
      Registrant Fax: +86.018650153138

  3. Congrats to Drew and Tracy.

    I agree with Abdul that they will be worth more but I also think that almost all dot coms will be worth more in the future so its an obvious statement.

    But there are a lot of different models in investment. They all share on common goal….to make money. If you didthen that’s all that matters. Whether you could have made more is left up to the people that don’t have any skin in the game.

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