Other Amazon Arena Name Possibilities


Last week, Amazon announced it had secured the naming rights for the new arena in Seattle, Washington that would be home to a new NHL team and the WNBA’s Seattle Storm. Amazon also announced the new arena would be known as Climate Pledge Arena.

Amazon registered the matching ClimatePledgeArena.com domain name on the same day the news was announced. The company must have had great trust that the news would not leak out before the announcement was made publicly.

Interestingly, I also noticed the company registered quite a few other arena related domain names in the last few days via my DomainTools Registrant Monitor tool. Perhaps this is in anticipation of a potential future name change, or perhaps the company is just covering its bases.

Here is a sample of the different domain names Amazon has registered, keeping in mind this is not an exhaustive list but just some of the names:

ClimatePledgeArena.com, .icu, .top, .xyz…etc
AmazonArena.xyz, .biz, .top, .icu, .info, .app, .us, .events, .hockey
TheAmazonArena.biz, .top, .xyz, .icu, .app

The majority of the domain names I noticed support and protect the Climate Pledge Arena name. From what I can see though, it looks like Amazon is either considering a future name change, is protecting future name possibilities by registering other domain names, or is considering other arena naming opportunities. These names were registered on the day of the announcement rather than far in advance when it was considering other names, so this indicates to me these other names could be used in the future.

Based on the domain registrations, some of the other arena names could potentially be AWS Arena, Carbon Zero Arena, Zero Carbon Arena, Climate Pledge Carbon Zero Arena, or Amazon Arena. There could also be variants for temporary name changes. Theregistrationsons could also be meaningless for all I know (which isn’t much)!

You’ll notice that AmazonArena.com is not on the list. That domain name was registered in February of 2015. AmazonArena.com appears to be registered to an Italy-based registrant, and the domain name does not resolve. TheAmazonArena.com also appears to be registered to another entity as well, with a registration date of February of 2012.

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  2. So in between crushing half the small businesses in America Bezo’s is also going to save the environment? This sounds like a PR stunt.

  3. Someone reg’d ChopArena,com on 6-7-20.

    However, ChopZoneArena,com , CapitolHillArena,com and BarricadeArena,com are not reg’d.

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