Nokta Updates & Upgrades Platform


If you search for descriptive domain names, you’ve more than likely seen Nokta Domains listed as the registrant on many domain names. The privately held company has a significant portfolio of domain names and has become more intent on selling its domain names over the last couple of years.

I want to share some information from Nokta about its domain sales platform:

  • We have launched our new search algorithm so that the buyers can find what they are looking for more easily among more than 3 million domains.
  • Moreover, we have categorized each domain for better search results. Please see the category page:
  • Right now, team is working on the promotion page on which there will be bulk deals with discounted prices and also daily domain deals just like other shopping websites. This feature will be the first for its own category. We believe that feature will bring new opportunities to our customers and domain business.
  • Moreover, we add some domain details (Domain’s tld count, word order, word count, google search volume, reg date and more) for every single domain name’s site, please see one of them by clicking these links:  and
  • We are planning to launch “domain submit system” for other domainers at the beginning of 2012.
  • We also add new feature to our membership system. Customers can sign up with their Facebook, Google and Twitter accounts.

If you’ve seen a domain name owned by Nokta, it may behove you to reach out and try to buy it. It looks like the company is ready to make fair deals.


  1. It looks like is no longer available. They have a great inventory and they make great sales as well.

    BTW, I noticed they pull domains from Sedo, Afternic or both in their search results.

    Elliot, is there any chance you might offer subscribing to comments without commenting? Sometimes I like to follow a post but I don’t want to add worthless comment to followup.

  2. Hello Everyone,

    Thank you for the comments.

    Sameh, is not available, because the domain is in negoatiation with another customer. So, the domain name is still belongs to

    Moreover, We are working with some big marketplaces and also we submit our domain names to some of them which means we do not pull domains from any marketplace.

    Best regards.

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