New Brokerage Listings

As I’ve done in past weeks, I want to share some new brokerage listings from the popular domain brokerages.  If you have any interest in any of the names that were listed, be in touch with the broker directly.  You’ll notice I also listed a name I am personally selling.

If you work as a domain broker and would like to submit a name you have under exclusive agreement that hasn’t been on the market or has seen a great price drop, feel free to do so.

This week’s new brokerage listings: – $9,000 – – $75,000 – Sedo (Kristen Reilly) – $50,000 – Domain Holdings – $1,200,000 – Sedo (Dave Evanson) – $500,000 – Afternic (Aaron Visaggio) – $50,000 – – $15,000 – My company’s listing

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Much better than last week, in my opinion. I like as a category killer. Gerber would want this I would assume? Probably still room for profit/a killer biz at $500k, I wouldn’t know, I don’t play ball in that league ; ). – $50,000?

  2. It is a better list, probably because brannans or whatever their name is this month is not in it. Agreed there…………….

  3. @Michael – The problem is companies like Gerber have NO IDEA that such domain name is for sale. We don’t have such smart domain brokerage company that would be digging for such buyers. Not a one…

    • With a name like I really don’t think you have to go searching for buyers. If Gerber wanted it they would own it already. But why would they buy a category killer when they are the category killer. Gerber is already ranked number one and no matter how much money you throw at Gerber will still outrank it. Google loves brands now.

    • Why? To secure it! I don’t know how good businessman you are, but you should always do a lot to keep competitors as far as possible…

    • Jay, the broker’s job is to make sure companies like Gerber know and that they know how it will help the business. I am sure Afternic/Aaron will do a diligent job to let the decision makers know about the sale.

    • @Eliot – Sure? Please list brokers that do that. I wish I am wrong. Do you believe when Sedo is brokering AT.COM they are contacting companies that might use “AT” abbreviation or have some business “AT” related? Like American Tourister? I doubt that!

    • Nestle paid 5 billion dollars for Gerber and just acquired Pfizers baby food division for 11 billion and now own 90% of the market share. So bottom line is Nestle doesn’t have to keep it away from competitors because they have no competitors.

    • @Elliot – Why I doubt it? Because I sold a lot domain names with multiple brokers and I know my experience. My top 20 sales are all direct sales, with no brokarage involved. Yes, brokerage companies want money, but they don’t do enough…

  4. Re, at $500K the domain would pay for itself for any small baby food manufacturer just from being on a side of their delivery trucks.

  5. @Elliots
    First of all congratulation the blog posts are getting much better then early months.. I am enjoying every post this days. Well, back to business.
    I will with no doubt vote for its a multi-billion market and growing everyday.. As, you might have know how the price of milk,butter, cheese , wines and much more sky rocket since the Chinese started to eat and drink .. So, definitely the market has not reached it’s full potential yet. There are many countries(India,china…….)
    they still feed theirs baby with home made food but the things are changing .so, definitely i will put all my money in it.
    Second , for sure its once in a life time chance to grab this name. As, we had mindstrom who could be a best bidder for the name but my mind clinch on
    Well, having said all this all the domain listed here are great. I wish was well listed here too 😉

  6. I never use domains like “”, “”, “”, etc. Never have. never plan to. Do not know ANYONE who does.
    I never use those bland domains because I know that domain will not have the information, the item, the price, the shipping, the service that I am looking for.

    Such generic domain names lack creativity and brand identity; ergo, they have little value added over putting “baby food” into Google’s search engine. Who is jiving who?

    Example: Even if I was stupid enough to want win8 OS, I wouldn’t type into my non-IE browser to obtain it.

    Domains like have no relevance to anything and are greatly over valued (est. value: ~$8.78US). Over the past decade I have had issues with Sedo’s valuations, but not their service.

    Of the balance listed, only “” has interest but it needs my third and fourth initials… And, if it were available, it would be obtained from another, cheaper registrar than for less than 9.99USD.

    Domain names are not unlike comic books. The big early collectors control pricing. They may demand a very high price for one particular issue, but that doesn’t mean it is worth having, or in the comic book analogy worth reading. When baby is hungry, who is going type “”?

    Furthermore, trademark law will continue to diminish the value of certain domains.

    Beware: the US federal government plans to control the entire Internet; it will con your government with the unspeakable: user and sales taxes, especially on domain sales (which are actually rents not ownership). Imagine domaining if there was an 11%, 20% or higher tax on domain transactions. (Why? Say an American buys from a Frenchman, both countries would tax the transaction and if the registry world is taxed, they will pass that tax on to buyers/sellers as fees also.)

    There’s more to the big picture than high priced domains that have little or no promise, like The world economic climate is frigid; that will impact Internet further.

    • “Do not know ANYONE who does.”
      When you start thinking that everyone else thinks exactly like you, it’s time to reevaluate things.

      I don’t know ANYONE who lives in Sudan, but I assume there are plenty of people who do.

      I’ve used and many times.

    • Hi Dr,
      Are you from this planet at all?
      Sad to know person Like you who Call himself doktor Thomas, refuse to live in reality.
      Good Generic domains are very rear.
      All the Big brands have few cards under theirs sleeve ( = kraft)
      I don’t want to dig dipper but i am saying you if this is your approach to learn about domain Then you have to change your attitude.

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