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When I receive an email from, I get a bit excited because I know someone has paid to submit an offer to buy a domain name of mine, and they are using the Network Solutions Certified Offer Service to submit it.

Why is it exciting? The person or company had to pay $39 to make the offer (or more for an offer over $25k), and one would assume that if they are willing to pay that much for the  opportunity just to make an offer, it will be a decent offer.

Here’s a tip for people who pay for a service like Network Solutions to make an offer: You should make an offer that is enticing enough for the domain owner to at least counter offer you. If you send me a $100 offer for a domain name, you are wasting my time, your time, and of course, your money. If you don’t know what a decent offer is, you should probably get some guidance before spending money to make an offer.

Using a service like Network Solutions’ Certified Offer Service or Domain Agents to make an anonymous offer on a name that isn’t listed for sale elsewhere is a wise idea. It’s especially smart for large companies that want to covertly acquire a domain name but not pay for an uber expensive brand management company to do it on their behalf. However, submitting a low offer is only going to result in a rejection and a waste of time and money.

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  1. So have the certified offers you received from NetSol been worth your time? I’ve only received one, it was a fair offer and we completed the deal.

  2. I had offers from GoDaddy before one few of my domains; however, I think I only closed one sale. It’s funny because I decided to take a look if a website is up cuz I was curious who was a buyer – the domain name is still parked through godaddy after 6 month if being purchased. I don’t get it

  3. Pardon my ignorance, but… are these names in a Network Solutions account? Or, can the service be utilized to bid on a name anywhere?

  4. You can make an offer on a domain registered elsewhere, however, it’ll be transferred to NS once the sale is confirmed.

    The service doesn’t let you go back and forth with counter offers. It’d have been more successful if they have this feature.

  5. Netsol certified offer is the worst of its kind. They don’t have the counter offer system like GoDaddy, Sedo, or Afternic. It’s a one way deal. Here’s the actual scenario:

    – Buyer sent certified offer through Netsol.
    – Seller either accept or counter. In my case, I countered.
    – Buyer then countered. At this point, I don’t have any option to counter. It’s either accept or not. Netsol customer service can’t help.

    I have spent years telling these idiots at NetSol to fix this. They didn’t do anything. My guess is they want the buyer to keep spending money on sending new offers.

    This goes to tell you some coporations lack the basic commonsense.

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