NamesCon: Spotlight on React2Media

At NamesCon we love our Sponsors and we want you to be prepared before you meet them in person next week. That’s why we’ve been running a “Spotlight On…” series on the blog. As an example, we want you to get to know React2Media. Here’s our Spotlight on: React2Media

NamesCon: Spotlight on React2Media – The #1 Trick to Monetizing Mobile Domains Today we have Robert Konigsberg from React2Media with us.

What made you think of attending NamesCon?

First of all, thanks for taking the time to interview me–much appreciated. I can’t wait to meet with as many of the attendees as possible next week!

While this is my second Domain Show, it will be the first for a few of my colleagues. I wanted to attend because I felt React2Apps could help many domainers solve the declining Revenue Per Page View problem.

You mentioned that this is your Second Domain Show- what was your first experience like?

It was exciting. Lots of like-minded people. Tons of traffic! The conversations and brainstorming were definitely the highlights of the show.

You mentioned that it will be the first Domain Show for your colleagues, why did you propose attending to your colleagues?

When I first proposed NamesCon to the team, the first question was, “why?” The answer was simple. Traffic, lots of under-monetized mobile traffic. I believe that this show, the attendees, and even sponsors are a great fit for our mobile monetization business.

How did you get started in the domain business?

Like many domainers, I started my business by acquiring and monetizing a small subset of desktop domains.

What were some of the challenges you faced as a domainer?

In late 2012, I started to see eCPM / Revenue per Page start to decrease. The odd thing was, my traffic either remained the same or in some cases, it actually increased. It left me scratching my head so I did some digging and noticed two distinct patterns:

1. The average time on my sites really started to decrease (abandonment was increasing rapidly).
2. The users Operating Systems began skewing towards mobile devices. Specifically, iOS and Android. Windows Mobile and Blackberry made up less than one percentage point.

By early 2013, roughly 35% of my traffic was from the mobile web. Revenues were tanking–my pages weren’t mobile optimized; I knew I had to quickly make some changes in order for my domains to survive.

What changes did you make, and how might they be applicable to some of our attendees and sponsors?

I started to look for other monetization tools…I thought to myself “What if there was some sort of monetization tool that was different than Google Adsense that paid for that mobile user who was visiting my mobile optimized site?”. One day, after many failed attempts at a solution, I was reading the NYTimes app on my iPhone, and saw a mobile advertisement to play “Candy Crush”. The light bulb went off!

By mid-2013, I was displaying apps from the iOS store to see if I could get them to outperform; the results were eye-opening.

My mobile page eCPM’s had increased by 2.9x–I was on to something!
By 2014, I had developed a full service mobile monetization tool; specifically designed for mobile traffic.

What are you hoping to get out of this show?

As I begin my ‘To Do’ List for NamesCon, my first objective is to help anyone facing a similar challenge. My second objective is to grow my Mobile AppWall product. In order to expand, I need more mobile inventory.

You mentioned that you had a trick for monetizing mobile traffic–what is it? How can readers replicate your success?

Very Simple, they can integrate our mobile domain monetization tool.

How long does it take to integrate? Are there set-up Fees?

It takes a matter of minutes. We provide a very simple integration code to integrate. And no, hahaha- there are NO set-up fees! Our goal is to send domainers checks for the traffic they drive–charging a set up fee would be counter-intuitive.

Do you have any examples of what this would look like on a park domain?


Thanks for your time Rob, any closing thoughts?

I really do hope to meet as many attendees/sponsors as possible next week; please reach out prior with any questions, or especially to set up a brief meet and greet.

Safe travels everyone!


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