Nameade to Host ICA Auction; Make Donation to ICA


Nameade, a new domain auction venue, is now hosting my auction for Originally, I listed this charity auction on my blog, and Nameade offered to host it to increase awareness and raise more money to support the ICA. The payment and transfer of the domain name will still be done through me to make things easier.
Nameade is a new site that launched last week. They provide a full service staff that contacts domain owners who are not in or familiar with the domain industry and finds individuals or companies willing to sell their domains. The entire inventory of names secured is then auctioned every two weeks to the domain community.
The idea is to move away from domainer-to-domainer or expired domain auctions and introduce new names into the space which otherwise would not be available.
Nameade will make a $1,000 donation to the ICA in addition to providing the venue for this auction.


  1. Interesting idea, Nameade folks.
    A couple of quick biz suggestions, if I may:
    1. For the most professional site presentation possible, run a spell check on your entire site (ie “priveledges”).
    2. It is actually illegal to use the “R” registered trademark symbol if and until the USPTO has approved of such…relatedly, according to their site (, you haven’t applied for one.

  2. Thank you very much for the spelling correction it’s now fixed. Nameade applied for a word and drawing mark Jan 11, 2008. From past experience, from the time it shows in the database as “pending” it takes an additional 6 months or so until you are in fact granted a federally registered trademark in the US. With regards to domain disputes WIPO actually recognizes the application date (not the granted date) when making a decision.
    Also, Elliot’s name has already received some bids. Thanks for showing support everyone!

  3. That’s great that you’ve applied for the trademark, Jason.
    Until it’s issued (and I’m still waiting on my own; which the examining attorney’s already approved), placing a “TM” next to Nameade is what the PTO allows during pendency. Don’t recall what the (potential) penalty is if the “R” is used prior to an actual allowance.
    Best wishes on the new endeavor.

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