My Favorite “Robert Cline” Comments of 2012

There is a frequent commenter on my blog who always supports .CO, and he goes by the name “Robert Cline.” It seems that this person responds to almost all .CO articles, and in fact, he seems to respond to all articles on every single blog when it comes to .CO.

No matter what the topic du jour, if the article is about .CO or can even be tangentially about .CO, “Robert Cline” always seems to chime in with his rosy .CO outlook.

Here are a few of my favorite “Robert Cline” comments on my blog from 2012.

  • This is why I am an advocate of wiping out .com entirely in favor of requiring everyone to switch over to .Co
  • one thing I forgot to mention is that as a .Co owner we have a sense of pride.
  • Juan is King of a vast vast span of endless Kingdom. you all are nothing but dust in the wind
  • I think .Co will be the de facto for global web sites
  • .Co is everywhere. Should be a major part of anyone’s healthy domain portfolio.
  • I am going to submit for legislation a bill to require if you are a legitimate online domain establishment, to require to upgrade to .Co
  • .Co is growing at the fastest pace now and is absolutely the biggest share gainer going forward.
  • I told you all whole .com was full of junk They must shut down the whole space. Upgrade today to a more secure space .Co
  • call me what you will. jesus was called a clown at his time too. But now he is everyone’s savior, son of god. You too will think of me.
  • .Co is now the preferred way to go. I see everyday big huge companies switching their entire site from .com over to go .Co

Reading comments like this adds a bit of humor to my day, although it’s a bit sad that someone spends so much time on one topic.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. Thanks for the good laugh, Elliot. Here’s my favorite.

    “I am going to submit for legislation a bill to require if you are a legitimate online domain establishment, to require to upgrade to .Co”

    You gotta give the guy some credit. Not only is he a zealot, but he’s got some sense of humor thrown in there too.

  2. He may be overly enthusiastic but I can tell you there is something to it. One I migrated from a domainer to a 90% end user audience the .co ad gets a lot of clicks. Many from ad agencies who come from Google to read about one of their campaigns we featured. But also head interest from the Apple and Cloud readers.

    For example click throughs from midnight to now- one today from Woodside NY searching for Amazon Beauty Bar. Maybe they are ready to launch theirs and looking for a name. Another from Bing query “ how much are hand picked domains are? Another from NYC Search Words and another from Search Words sex xxx. Another Search Words and last one from NYS OGS who came searching for truncating my domain.

    Except for the LLL and generics premium it’s not really a domain investor play. But it has a lot of traction among the young, hip start-ups. The best comparison I heard is Brooklyn versus NY. I’ll take Brooklyn because it’s better than Queens and when I can afford NY I’ll trade up.

  3. “This is why I am an advocate of wiping out .com entirely in favor of requiring everyone to switch over to .Co”

    For me this is his funniest one so far! LMAO 🙂

  4. Some classic responses there.

    Here is another one –

    “I am still waiting for a patron to help finance my 1000 .co renewals. It can be in the form of renewal discounts.

    I am taking donations as well. Just email me.”

    Poor Robert Cline…drinking the Kool-Aid.

    If his portfolio was doing that great he would not have to look for discounts and ask for donations to cover his renewal fees.


  5. He may be overly enthusiastic but I can say for sure there’s something big happening there. Since I started to focus on end users I am getting 5-6 clicks every few hours from end users, likely agencies coming to read my review of their call-to-action campaign or techies from Cloud and Apple stories. NYS OGS googled “truncating our domain” landed at FF and clicked .co. If you can’t have NY, better off in Brooklyn then Queens and when you can afford NY you’ll buy it or someone will buy you and rename your startup any way. Not for domainer (except LLL and generic keywords or to set up a fictions storefront to defend legal issues.)
    LLL to law firms could be worth $50K and up.

  6. My favorite:

    “call me what you will. jesus was called a clown at his time too. But now he is everyone’s savior, son of god. You too will think of me”

    Who knows,one day he might hit it really big!

  7. Off topic: I wonder if any of these ‘extension evangelists’ actually end up making money on the extension.

    Or do they make a few sales and use profits to pay for endless renewals, leaving the registry laughing all the way to the bank.

    This guy is a class apart though, completely requires his own post, thanks for the laugh.

  8. @Brad

    A great way to ruin a classic post by injecting your “kool-aid” philosophy. Elliot’s post is a humorous one that didn’t require an economic appraisal. It’s funny, that’s it. No need to advertise .com.

  9. i just read an interesting article about how many of the top colombian drug lords have switched from .com to .co to post pictures of their most recent headless corpses. but many of the pics are out of focus so i’m not sure if owen frager is right or just dreaming.

  10. Classic, great post idea. I think we’ve all gotten frustrated with Robert Cline’s clogging of comment threads from time to time, but in the end you just have to laugh.

  11. What a clown! He has a mind the size of pea. Has too much time on his hands to waste on promoting his unappealing extension (IMO).

  12. I’ve had a long week, thanks for the laugh Elliot, quality.

    Most people do not learn from history and every new right of the dot will have it’s own Robert Cline, unfortunately.

  13. Must be a slow domain day to dedicate a post about Robert “The Dot Co Clown” Cline.

    Cline can move his dot co dream to a fantasy island far in the South Pacific, where he then can brainwash people in believing his dot co domains are superior to dot com.

    Robert doesn’t even own the best dot co. Not even close. Mike Mann acquired the best dot co domains to sell off cheap.

  14. “What, Robert Cline gets his own dedicated post ?”

    ha lol

    you didn’t know

    when I talk

    everyone takes heed.

    with my powers of persuasion I will be running for president 2012.

    I have been up to my scalp in projects and this and that.

    I do have a big announcement to make.

    I am building and will be announcing the launch of my biggest and most ambitious site ever on one of my


    premium domains. I encourage all my followers to do the same.

  15. I’m just baffled that he’s still using a complete rip of’s design. Actually, maybe I’m not baffled.

  16. Kind of funny how I recently spent two weeks in Colombia and saw more .TV ( – a Medellin TV station) and more .TRAVEL ( than .CO. OK I did see a .CO ad on a travel magazine on the return flight but at that point we were no longer in Colombian airspace. OK I didn’t vsit all of Colombia, but I did see a good balance between .COM.CO and .COM and more English keywords in domain names than I had expected. Now if Colombians in Cartagena and further south in the state of Bolivar don’t use .CO, perhaps they aren’t convinced of the branding power of .CO. On the other hand .COM is alive and well even in rural Magangué, Colombia where you will see a mix of motos / scooters, cars, trucks, mules pulling carts and horses. I recall selling a Spanish .COM to a Colombian newspaper chain a couple years ago called El Tiempo –

  17. @ Elliot What a great post about Robert. We have had our run ins but all in all he is someone that is important to domaining. He is very active in posting comments which is good for our blogs. He may be over the top but one day he may be someone that everyone will know. Who knows he may be someone that everyone will want to know.

  18. Robert Cline the .co King is really Jay Kim of Spokane. He owns 1100 domain names, only 400 of which are .co with many LLLs. He regged his first domain in 2001, an adult one, and has actually made many .co sales. I’ve run out of credit on my domain tools account to set up an alert on him (just not worth doubling the bill to track him) but if you have the credit and do it, you can get a sales history. I don’t think he’s a native English speaker because many of the .coms just had weird phrasing. I also think he could be 10-15 years old.

  19. Owen@
    So he bought he’s first adult domaim when he was ,hmmm let’s say 1month old.
    Wow !!!
    Horny little bastard…

  20. @Owen

    I like reading your stuff but you can’t write worth a shit!

    Do you even proofread your stuff before posting? Some of it makes zero sense.

  21. @Owen

    A few “Hip” startups may try .CO, but none of them have become popular. They just get an article or two on a tech blog and that’s undoubtedly how you know about them. They won’t be on .CO very long if they actually want to compete and be around a year or two from now.

    • “It’s just a matter of time before .CO flames out like the long list of other gTLD’s.”

      @ Angela

      1) .CO is not a gTLD, it is a ccTLD
      2) gTLDs have not been introduced yet
      3) I am not sure what other TLDs have had “flame outs” aside from .mobi values.

  22. LOL. This was just a matter of time.
    I enjoy his passion, but you’re right… he is quite… flamboyant.
    I’m still giving .CO 3 more years to see how it all pans out.
    Many start ups are jumping on board, so 3 years is enough time to see if the traction holds and the momentum hgas continued.

  23. @Gary I have a disability (Parkinson’s) that makes it hard to use my hands and feet. I have tremors and hit keys unintended often on the way to the print key after everything is set. Most domainers know and except this- I hire writers/editors to cover for me in my professional life but none of you want to pay the subscription I’d need to hire them for my personal chat. I type at the speed of thought. The meds I take make it even worse where I can see a word backwards and read it forward. Worse, my Dad’s dying and I am here in Florida to care- that’s turned into 12 years for what was to be a six life expectancy plan into a 12 year stay and all that time I have gotten sick and sicker myself. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. But I still feel I shouldn’t be written off or cast totally aside. Spell check on MAC sucks now because they make predictive suggestions that like the opt in on most forms you have to know to x out or it changes your words. My mind is different. Most people will say they’ve never met anyone like me. Hope this helps.

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