Movie Trailer: Sacha Baron Cohen in The Dictator (Republic of Wadiya)


One of my favorite comedy movies of all time is Borat, starring comedian  Sacha Baron Cohen.  I recently learned that Cohen is starring in another movie coming out this summer, and I think the domain name choice is very interesting.

The movie is called The Dictator, and it looks hilarious (watch the movie preview trailer above). You might think they’d use for the movie’s website, but that domain name is owned by Worldwide Media (Mike Berkens’ company), and it has been registered since back in 2003.

I don’t know if the movie producers reached out to Berkens to acquire this descriptive domain name, but they  are using a creative domain name instead. The Dictator (Cohen) likely lives in a fictitious country called the  Republic of Wadiya, and the movie website is

Kinda neat to use that domain name, although spelling might be an issue. I can’t wait to see the movie this summer!

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  1. This movie looks hilarious! 😀

    As for the doimain name, movie production companies are not eager to fill UDRP or buy domain names, they still rely on imdb, social media and youtube where domain name is not important.

    But looking forward to watch this movie!

  2. I appreciate it Elliot. Thanks a lot. Happy Holidays!

    Movie studios usually secure the movie name paired with movie. The domain names are mostly dot com, but occasionally a dot net. Sometimes they’ll get creative and choose a domain name such as or

    Mike Mann (Domain Market) owns The studio went with instead. It is rare that movie studios fork out the dough to acquire their exact movie. is a good domain name. However, it is too generic and expensive to acquire the domain name even though the movie stands to generate huge box office ticket sales. Chaplin starred in the Great Dictator in 1940.

    Movie studios also use hyphenated domain names such as or Moreover, movie trailers and previews promote domain names featured in the end credits.

    Good movie domains can deliver traffic to websites relevant to movies. The movie definitely looks funny. Clever choice to choose the fictitious name. I heard that Cohen is rumored to fill the role of Freddie Mercury in the upcoming Queen movie. Thanks.

  3. This film looks really lame. It’s a great idea that could’ve been crafted into one of the funniest films ever, but instead they play it safe to appeal to the boradest demographic. Larry Charles should stick to making pathetic television instead.

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