“Moniker Reimagined” Announcement

I want to share an email I received a few moments ago regarding some changes at Moniker. For a few years, Moniker was my “go-to” domain registrar, and I kept the majority of my domain portfolio there. In the last couple of years, I moved many domain names away from Moniker, although I still have about 50+/- domain names registered there.

Here’s the email announcement I received from the company this morning:

“We’ve gone back to the drawing board, literally. By investing in system upgrades and platform enhancements, we’re changing how we do business.

Adding product offers, improving support, and developing our communication channels with our users are fundamental components to the changes coming soon. Our passion for domain names and helping you reach your goals, big or small, requires us to provide you with better service at every level – and we’re doing just that.

On Monday, June 2nd, 2014, visit Moniker to experience the change for yourself. We’re excited to share our new look with you and hope our new systems will make accessing the domains you want and managing your Web properties easier than ever. Our goal is to help you make a name for yourself on the Web.


The Moniker Team”

Moniker was founded by Monte Cahn, and I always felt that I could reach out directly to Monte if I ever needed anything. I was assigned Bari Meyerson as my account manager, and whenever I needed something done, I could rely on Bari to either do it, instruct me how to do it, or put me in touch with the person at Moniker who could handle this for me.

Monte, Bari, and others are no longer with the company, and I lost this personal connection I had with Moniker. Since then, I established relationships with other domain registrars. In my opinion, aside from security and pricing, the personal connection is very important to me. I want to know if something goes wrong (ie stolen domain names, transfer issues, unauthorized account intrusion…etc), I can reach out to someone and have the issue handled ASAP.

Because I do still have a small amount of domain names registered at Moniker, I am looking forward to seeing the changes that have been implemented.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Well, like most humans, I hate change, lets hope it isn’t too much and I am left scanning all over to find basic links to transfer, get auth codes, change dns etc.

    One of the main reasons I have stuck with Moniker has been security and their easy to follow layout. I am a simple dinosaur lol

  2. I actually dropped a pretty good domain by mistake using their system, Moniker sends out reports each week on, “Domains coming up for renewal”. I noticed like any other repeat email it eventually goes to the wayside as ignored only to be looked at occasionally. As a result I realized I had dropped a pretty good name which has never happened to me before, you know that feeling you get of, “Oh no.”. Yes I know ultimately it’s my fault but they should really do away with that function.

  3. I have to disagree, they are very on top of your domains in need of attention, sending monthly updates as well on what is coming up for renewal in 75 days 30 days this week etc, if you let a name drop it is 110% your fault because I gaur. they sent you 3-4 emails before hand starting 75 days out.

    I also have never had spam from them EVER, if it is from moniker it is either a renewal notice of some sort warning me to renew a service or a whois regulated check notification, no spam, ever.

  4. You stated above they send out monthly updates, for me it was weekly I suppose I should have set it different in the interface but I only had a few domains there so don’t pay much attention to Moniker. Who called it spam? I’m saying I could see why some would need it yet why others would start ignoring them and miss out on renewals as a result. Just spoke to one other person it happened to so obviously this isn’t a one time thing, I agree it’s my fault but I never asked for that function and they are the only registrar that does it.

    Josh just to play devil’s advocate for the sake of conversation let me ask, do you prefer receiving emails with updates on renewals when you don’t have any domains to be renewed? It’s sending me a report that says, “Nothing to be done here!”. Again, I don’t disagree with you I just think it’s not necessary that’s all.

  5. I agree with you to a degree, getting 3-4 updates for what equates to no real need for immediate action can be viewed as annoying. For example, if they send one showing 3 names may expire in 75 days, I know one will come stating 3 names in 30 days and 3 names this week (7 days) and eventually take action. So yes, after the first I tend to already know what is coming and hit delete before reading (Ill be honest). But I can appreciate they make a good effort to warn us, with GD for example I can almost put money on spam, Register.com same thing. In fact Register.com sends me not just renewal notices but hey why not buy this name that is similar, why not get emails and so on.

    So while I see your point and have been affected by it by becoming numb to warnings, they really do leave no excuse for missing a renewal or losing a service. Add to that no real spam and it is one of the reasons I am still loyal. I can admit some personal level service has fallen off since Monte left, no doubt, who exactly these days is personal now? Sad case of the industry is as it grew and became BIG business you lose the personal touches.

  6. That usually is the case, the lure of automation for big companies often results in a loss of character. Corporations lose touch with their client base and before you know it everyone has moved on. Good to see we’re sitting on the same side of the table regarding the renewal emails, as for everything else their customer service could use some looking at but they have good employees like John M. , sounds like they recognize the issues and are attempting to fix them which is good.

  7. Since I got into domaining I could never figure out what domainers saw in Moniker, As a Registrar I felt the interface sucked, not just a little but a lot when compared to Enom or Fabulous, not the most user friendly by any means…. Then you have Moniker as a auctioneer, they were very good at what they did but the bigger they became, more and more rules followed, I stopped using them completely when they decided; “If were going to accept your domains at auction, they must be registered or transferred to US or were going to charge you 20% instead of 15%” They got real cocky, like they were doing us a big favor by considering them.

    What they need to do is drop the arrogance, overhaul their interface and improve customer support, bettering there chances of a successful comeback.

  8. Moniker is listed as one of the all times worst for spammers (see http://rss.uribl.com/nic/) have tried to contact them – they keep changing or disallowing contact email. 2 plus years get email from info@wwreivews.com I am left to trying bulletin boards like this to get their attention in addition to all the spam services

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