Moniker Comments on SnapNames Sale


Moniker LogoFor the last several years, Moniker and SnapNames have worked in conjunction, and the sale of SnapNames likely impacts Moniker customers more than most others. Last week, Key Systems and announced that SnapNames was acquired by  for an undisclosed figure.

This morning, Moniker sent out an email discussing the sale of SnapNames and how it will impact clients and partners. I believe the most important takeaway from the email is that the company wants customers to know it will be business as usual for them, and the key contacts at Moniker remain the same.

One thing that is evident is that the company is likely going to have to go through the Moniker website to remove references to SnapNames, and it will also have to change its Twitter / Facebook handles, which are both currently “monikersnap.” Sidenote: these are things we should all consider when we’re trying to buy a domain name that is being used by another company… it’s not just as easy as agreeing to sell the domain name!

Here’s the statement that was sent:

To Moniker Customers and Partners,

Moniker’s parent company, KeyDrive S.A., recently announced that it has sold the SnapNames business unit, our sister company, to Many of our customers and partners interact with both Moniker and SnapNames services regularly, and we want to assure you that there will be no interruption in Moniker services as a result of the sale.

The disposition of SnapNames will have no negative effect on the customer experience of the Moniker clients. The same staff will be taking care of all customer needs and customers will access their accounts as before. Moniker will continue to work with SnapNames as in the past and the usual business will not be interrupted for clients.

Looking forward, this is an exciting time to be a Moniker customer. Under the leadership of our recently appointed CEO, Bonnie Wittenburg, we now plan to work more closely with KeyDrive and our sister company, Key-Systems.

These efforts will strengthen our position in the US registrar market as well as become an even more influential international registrar. This process will include reinvigorating the Moniker brand with new technology, products, and a commitment to strengthen our customer service efforts. We are confident that with improved product offerings and customer service, Moniker will continue to grow as one of the largest US based registrars.

Thank you for your continued business!

The Moniker Team


  1. I am a proud, 100% Moniker customer, because of David Fede and Navin Manickchand, so congrats, Moniker. Here’s looking to a glitch-free future!

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