Mike Mann Launches Two .CO Websites Using BankAds


A couple of weeks ago, I posted an article discussing the launch of BankAds, a “managed solution for banking and credit card domains.” In response to questions generated from people who read the article, Sean Sullivan, the founder of the company, answered quite a few questions regarding the company in the comment section of that post.

On my Twitter feed this afternoon, Mike Mann announced that his company launched two new .CO websites – Bank.CO and CreditCards.CO. When I checked the sites out, the landing pages looked like they might be BankAds designs, and Sullivan confirmed that his company is working with Mann on these two websites.  According to Sullivan, “BankAds is just now starting the process of getting Mike’s sites indexed within Google. Submitting them to webmaster tools for all serps, adding original content and later this week we will launch some other SEO initiatives

I asked Sullivan about the launch, and he indicated that BankAds.com should be able to help deliver more revenue for Mann. “We believe that our monetization solution will prove over time to not only increase revenue for domain owners but more importantly help build greater value for the domain asset,” said Sullivan. “By taking once what was just a parked page and turning it into an informative website that features relevant information and product and service offerings, BankAds designed sites will allow domain owners to have more confidence when approaching end users when trying to sell their domain as well.

There are a couple of reasons why I will be following the progress of these two websites. First, these two keyword terms “bank” and “credit cards” are very competitive, so we can see how well an exact match .CO will be able to compete. Second, we will see if the new BankAds platform gains traction in search engines, and we can also see how the company adds unique content and grows these two websites.

I would imagine both domain names get some type in traffic as is, and if BankAds can bring higher RPC than the traditional parking model right off the bat, Mann will make some money and BankAds might be something other domain investors should look at.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Outside of Google Columbia, unless they spend six figures on SEO these will not rank at all for the top tier keywords in Google.com.

    On the other hand, I like the site design as they look clean/crisp and have good calls to action.

    I just don’t know why anyone is putting resources into developing a .co domain. I search Google 30 times a day and I never see a .co on the first page… ever.

  2. They’re not going to rank- ever- but given the money to be made with those particular affiliate types, they probably get enough typo traffic to make developing them worthwhile.

  3. Hopefully their SEO practices are on the up and up. Another domain development company did a good job of getting a fair amount of domains blacklisted from Google with their “SEO initiatives” not too long ago rendering the affected domains worthless.

  4. They using nextinsure affiliates for these domains and design can be done by any one if you know a little of wordpress, you have an option of lots of plugins and themes.
    The only thing which matters is the SEO, if they do it perfectly then this could fetch nice amount. But i would prefer developing on your own or hire someone to develop and later hire SEO. All your investment and in return get all income yours and not sharing with anyone, something like 70-30 or 60-40. I am not sure if BankAds having such sharing policy.

  5. They are charging 60/40 (60% to domain owner). This is costly once your domain picked up. It should be diminishing, i suppose. 40-30-20-10. If anyone want how you can develop your own site with such monitization method, i can help you do that free of cost @tquaker. This (BankAds or similar) may be helpful if you have thousands of domains and you don’t want to develop all. If you have domain such as the above “www.Bank.co” and “www.CreditCards.co”, i would prefer doing it myself.

  6. @ Loren

    All sites launched within BankAds are following all of the standard rules and following best SEO practices. I don’t want to get into specifics regarding our process for competitive reasons, but we are very thoughtful about everything we do.

    Feel free to drop me an email and we can set up a call if you like. I’m here to answer any questions.

    One of the things that I can publicly disclose, is that the team @ BankAds WILL NOT try to find shortcuts to accomplish our goals and the goals of our clients. We have a long time horizon for our company.

    We would rather get it right and take a little longer to do it, than get it wrong really quickly.

  7. dadannn !

    I’m home.

    kidding aside in all seriousness,

    .Co kicks ass

    I have seen .Co ranking higher in virtually all cases than .com
    primarily because the .Co has better quality sites being developed on them.

  8. I agree, this will be interesting to see how it develops. I have read about companies spending big money on attempting to optimise .CO domains to break their brand into the market, yet a large percentage of the traffic still went to the .COM address.

    The .CO domain isn’t that recognised. This project will either follow the same route, or maybe finally be the brand that gets .CO a profile.

  9. @Bankads , I sent in a few cctld domains like BestCreditCards.tv
    And BestCreditCard.tv … Are the keywords not what you are looking for or do you feel BestCreditCards.co would have a better shot at getting traffic. I would assume if it were .com the term would be a perfect fit for your platform. Please let us know your thoughts.


  10. @ Ibrahim

    Something you should keep in mind.

    1. The Bankads rev share is WELL ABOVE a 70/30 split.

    2. Surehits doesn’t take on sites that are just starting out. So
    unless you have a well established site with traffic they’re not
    going to pay any attention to you.

    3. If someone does get into Surehits, I can confidently say that
    they’ll still earn less because of the rev share split we offer and
    that BankAds has a great deal with SureHits. So your 100%
    will still be less than “X” percent that BankAds offers. We also
    have additional revenue streams. We don’t solely rely on
    SureHits either.

    4. The financial part aside, what is someone’s time
    worth? I am sure that you would earn less trying to do it on
    your own, but even if you could earn a small percentage more
    what’s not having to deal with regulatory issues, development
    and the general headaches of running a business worth to you?

    5. I’ve designed this solution and the core service so
    it is basically impossible to punch holes into our model. We’re
    also making a lot of advances in other areas that will lift rev for
    our clients.

    But I appreciate and welcome your feedback and for giving me the opportunity to inform Elliot’s readers of some of the additional points about BankAds.

    @ NewCars.TV I’ll reach out to you via email today.

  11. Sorry I am a bit cynical.. shouldn’t the title be “Mike Mann parks 2 domain names with BankAds” since its really just another parking service (that lets you add content – wow been done 1000 times before)

    Also, the term “Domain Development” is a little ridiculous in my opinion. All of these new (and old) “domain development” companies are either domain parking with fancier templates and alternate monetization methods, or they are content management systems just like any other.

    What is the difference between “domain development” and sites like hubpages, tumblr, etc?

    They are just web-based content management systems. Why do they get special treatment just because they are marketed at domainers but really don’t offer anything innovative or new?

  12. @ John

    In a sense, the entire term “domain development” is an absurdity and pulls back the curtain on how domainers view domains.

    The rest of the world views domains as a piece of a puzzle. Domainers view domains as the entire picture.

    If domains really are building lots, most ‘domainer development’ is the equivalent of a FEMA trailer, trying to pass itself off as a 5 Star Hotel.

  13. You’d be classified as more of a ‘domainer/developer’ hybrid. That’s actually a pretty successful model, if done right.

    That MO doesn’t characterize most domainers, tho.

  14. @ Anon

    There are a number of domain investors who have similar types of sites… some more successful and others not so much. I think there are a whole lot of people in this biz who don’t post on blogs or forums, but quietly do their thing.

  15. “Now that I accomplished my goal of being indexed on Google for my name, I no longer have the need to register my name in anymore extensions. With that said I will not be pursuing the .com of my name any longer. I am also dropping JasonThompson.info! I remember saying that I wanted to lock my name up in as many extensions as possible, but in all honesty that doesn’t matter now. I was able to rank using a .co domain name on the first page of Google and that’s exactly where I wanted to be!”

    Interesting post I saw today.

  16. @Chris & @ Anon

    Hate to break it to you guys, but I’m ranking several .CO sites on Page 1 Yahoo and Bing, and all are moving fast in Google to near page 1 (2 already are there).
    This took over a year, and cost me $0.
    With Google it’s all about quality inbound links and Page Rank.
    The fact that you post what you have displays you have 0 knowledge of SEO or the Internet. Perhaps you should read a little?
    Also, I’m launching a worlds first service with a .CO. The website is being developed as we speak and is costing me around 5K (I do most of the SEO and marketing myself, self taught).
    It’s ranking already Page 1 in Google, Yahoo and Bing and that took 6 months with medium competition on several keyword phrases.
    Bottom line, don’t post with tones of certainty when you’re an amateur. You’ll just lose credibility and look dumb. 🙂

  17. PS – I just checked out BANK.CO.

    I hope Mike didn’t spend more than $300 on that site. Looks very basic, very rushed. No reinventing of the wheel there.
    Interested to see how they perfom for SEO over the next 12 – 18 months though, however I see no value in a site that does not provide an innovative service for such a competitive niche.

    A Page 1 would be a great triumph, but would require thousands of quality backlinks and a great deal more development to acquire repeat traffic.

  18. A top SEO can get any website to rank at #1 if they put enough effort into it.

    Just because .com is the ultimate TLD and priced as a premium, does not say that it has the right to be ranked at #1, a .co domain with the same keyword can quiet easily be ranked above it.

    The Christmas stats were released, saying that sales online are going up at an amazing rate as more and more stores close in the high street, due to high costs.

    it also said that the best selling sites, which took the most business, were the ones that were… user friendly, easy to use and were attractive to look at and had products that were well laid out, making them appealing to buy.

    So you spend 30% of your budget in making sure your website is amazing in all aspects, add affilaite marketing to it and just for saying sake you have 1,000 affiliates and each one just sells one product per week, thats 1,000 extra sales coming in per week, plus 1,000 websites now having links to your wesbsite…


  19. Both sites are back with BankAds. Mike needed to move them for a bit, reasons unrelated to BankAds. That being said, they’re back now. Both sites have very high eCPM’s. They are not however being built out for SEO purposes. An end user should snap these up, Mike has them priced well.

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