Mark Cuban’s Cyber Dust App Makes Texting More Private


cyberdust-logoIf you are one of over 2 million followers of Mark Cuban on Twitter, you are most likely aware of the Cyber Dust app his company recently launched.  Billed as a safe and private alternative to texting by offering a disappearing message service, Cyber Dust “leaves no trace of the messages, and they are not stored anywhere,” according to an article about the app published on Business Insider in April.

Being able to securely send text messages and pictures without fear that they will unknowingly be used against a  person in the future is a big draw, as is knowing that the company isn’t storing the messages. Despite the fact that it isn’t first to market, I think  Cyber Dust has a chance to thrive, especially with the support (financial and marketing) of Cuban.

I downloaded the app and signed up to check it out, and found that it is simple to get started. From my standpoint, one of the coolest aspects of the app is  that Mark Cuban is an active participant. I had the opportunity to chat with Cuban a few times, even discussing some domain name opportunities  with him.

From a domain name point of view, I think Cyber Dust is an excellent brand name for this business. According to Whois records, Cuban’s company has owned this domain name since January of 2006. I asked Cuban if he had an app like this in mind when he bought the domain name, and interestingly, he told me that he didn’t have something specific in mind for it.  Fortunately for him, it appears he had  the perfect domain name for this business without having to go to the secondary market to buy it.

I don’t know Cuban personally, but based on some of the things I’ve seen and read, he is someone I root for to succeed with his business ventures. As you may already know, Cuban is an investor in Morgan and Daina Linton’s Fashion Metric, and it’s always neat to see their company get good publicity.

If you have the need for an app with disappearing messages, you should give Cyber Dust a shot.  You can follow and message Mark on Cyber Dust at blogmaverick.


  1. “I think Cyber Dust is an excellent brand name for this business”

    Would you personally use the word “Cyber” in anything you would want to brand? It is a 1990’s term. Even the most popular prior uses of the term (cyberspace and cybersex) and rarely if ever heard anymore.

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