Lots of Interest in Push.com on Twitter


Push.com is a valuable domain name, which I would be happy to own. The Whois record for Push.com is private, and the domain name forwards to the sparsely populated @push_dot_com Twitter page. It looks like that Twitter handle has only posted one tweet since it was created in October 2016.

I thought it would be interesting to see if anyone tried to buy the domain name via Twitter, and of course there were many attempts. So far, it doesn’t look like any of these efforts have been successful:


  1. And they all made the same mistake of not making an opening offer to get the owner’s attention that they are a serious buyer. All they created was noise.

  2. The only opinions on valuation that have ANY credibility, are the ones from people who have actually sold domains for six and seven figures. Most commenters have never done that, and like to throw around the biggest, most rediculous numbers possible. Just something worth noting as you read comments above.

    • You’re also demonstrating how truly “mis-” informed you are because it shows how conditioned you are by past sales data and the completely spurious notion of “comps” as if domain names are the same as residential real estate and one domain can always easily be compared to another, which often has no bearing at all on the value of a domain. You need to scroll down and see Elliot’s recent post about Estibot and go over to Rick’s blog and see what’s current there about that now.

      You and folks like you are part of the problem

  3. In a sense Richard is right – it could sell for 7 figures “for sure,” faster than you could say “push dot com.” But that has nothing to do with its value. It is an 8 figure domain and could (and should) sell for 8 figures “for sure” as well.

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