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Life Time Fitness, a large health club and fitness business with 127 locations across the United States and Canada, has changed its url. The company is now forwarding to LifeTime.Life. If you visit, you will be forwarded to the new url. The company also announced it will be using the lt.Life domain name as well.

Here is the message on the homepage announcing the url change: is now
You may notice our email address is different. We are now using and

Here is a screenshot of the homepage with the message across the top:

In my opinion, this change is a bit peculiar. The url the company has been using matches its Life Time Fitness brand name and the new url does not (you can see “Life Time Fitness” in that page title and about us description). My guess is that the company is trying to be simply known as Life Time rather than Life Time Fitness. At least that is the way it looks with the Life Time logo that doesn’t have “Fitness” in it.

The domain name is owned by a company called Lifetime Products, which appears to be a manufacturer of outdoor products such as chairs, tables, sheds, playgrounds, and more. Perhaps the most well-known Lifetime brand is the Lifetime television network, which uses for its domain name.

If people are confused by the url change and type in in error, they will end up on a website owned by Time Life. Ironically, I think it might make more sense for that company to own a domain name like Time.Life (they don’t), but I digress.

It will be interesting to follow the company’s website and url strategy as it continues to expand.

Thanks to Kathy Nielsen for sharing this on Twitter and LinkedIn.


  1. Very confusing. They are swimming up stream with this name.

    Even though acronyms are not always the best they could of went with
    Or even

    This is what happens when companies don’t hire a domain consultant or brand manager for the the company.

    Don M

  2. Absolutely and utterly ridiculous. Elliot you are correct hands down about typing in the, why on earth would they change that from a great domain like ? Oh Wait, I know…They had some bozo that just started investing in new tlds and convinced them to change. In 2 months he will be on a street corner with a sign that says Thats.Life

  3. It’s nice to see more new gTLDs being used in the wild. This will only strengthen the market value as more companies come on board with national/international marketing budgets for premium media exposure.

  4. I just plain don’t like the name. Doesn’t sound right.

    For a company that size why not hand reg as it is available for $70 non premium.

    I guess it’s their business to lose.

  5. Bad domain rebranding, and unnecessary to begin with.

    I agree with Andee on the obvious choice; then again, who knows what the domain’s owner is asking.

    It gets even better (worse): is owned by Time/Life 😀

  6. Now this is a first. They go from having a nice 2 word .com to a very questionable yet creative domain in Lifetime.Life. As mentioned before it is great to see companies use GTLDs but in this case if they were getting as an upgrade would make more sense to me, maybe even Fitness.Life.

    I have come across new GTLDs on billboards and advertisements as well but the ones I have seen are more catchy and make more sense than this one.

    – Wil

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