I ♥ Domains


While running on the treadmill last night, I was wearing my TrafficZ shirt with the “I ♥ Domains” graphic on it. I hate running, so I like to think about various things to get my mind off of running to shorten my workout. I looked in the mirror, saw the shirt, and thought about why I ♥ Domains, and I wanted to share a list of some of the reasons:

1) Opportunities to find success no matter what the focus
2) Global industry allows networking with folks throughout the world
3) Develop, Park, Blog, Arbitrage, Hybrid…etc… You name it, you can do it
4) Fun and interactive investment vehicle
5) Industry is under the radar
6) Doesn’t matter how large or small you are
7) Personal background doesn’t matter
8.) Unexplored ideas are waiting to be found
9) No matter the location, you can impact the world
10) Hundreds of ways to prosper

I ♥ that there are so many opportunities in this industry for everyone who is willing to work hard. Whether you are a large or small entity, you can educate yourself about a niche and become successful. You can do so many creative things with domain names, and whether anyone says you are right or wrong, the bottom line is your bottom line.

There aren’t many shortcuts to take, but if you work hard, listen to advice, be creative and think outside the box, you too will ♥ Domains.


  1. Hi Elliot,

    I have been reading you blog for a few months now and really enjoy it. I like the new name too!

    I would have to agree on your list.

    I still find it funny that this industry is so unknown when you take into consideration the returns that can be made from domain names.

    I am still buying unregistered domains for $8 and selling them a few months later for 100+ times what I paid for them.

    The developing side is not rocket science either.
    I look for 2-3 word max generic domains that have a decent amount of search traffic, build a WordPress blog with some targeted unique content, place some Adsense Ads and other affiliate advertising links and within a month or so they have paid for themselves and make a healthy profit from then on.

    Rinse and repeat.

    Thats just a couple of reasons why “I ♥ Domains”

    Kind regards from Down Under 🙂

    Ed Keay-Smith


    Awesome! Thanks for reading my blog. You have a great blog, BTW!

  2. “5) Industry is under the radar”

    That’s for sure. The people around me have absolutely no clue about domaining–they go all glassy-eyed if I start talking about domain parking, changing CNAME’s and nameservers, and generics, but when I sold a domain last month (at about 750% profit), my hubby and other family members understood that.

    And it’s FUN; I love words, and it’s a way to work with words in a very concrete manner.

    Ms Domainer

  3. My domain names are paying for themselves, but I have yet to see huge benefits. I’ve spent a lot of time and money acquiring quality domains. I have managed to build a few highly specialized and profitable portfolios of a few hundred domains each, and I’m hopeful about the future. Also, I’m just beginning to submit some of my domains to the auctions. On the whole I’m very glad that I got into this industry. I’m a chess player, and domaining reminds me of chess in the sense that there is no element of chance, and you are not beholden to anyone else. It’s a purely intellectual exercise that can yield great results.

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