How Keyword Research Helps Me Buy Domain Names

Subscribe to Elliot's BlogI hate online advertising that gets in the way of my work. This includes page takeovers, fly-ins, pop ups and pop unders. I don’t think much can be done about page takeovers or fly-ins since the website is responsible for that annoyance, and you can’t really stop them since they’re tied in with the site. However, you can stop pop ups with pre-installed browser programs.
While doing some online research today, I noticed a NetFlix pop under had appeared on my screen. Apparently the pop up blocker doesn’t help with a pop under. I wondered whether there was a program that could stop pop unders, and then I wondered whether someone had registered Surprisingly, nobody had registered it. I wondered whether I should grab it and thought about whether anyone looks for “pop under stoppers.”
After doing some research, I found that nobody looks for “pop under stoppers” – but instead, searchers are looking for a “pop under blocker” or “pop under blockers.” I quickly did a Whois check, and strangely enough was taken, but was available, as was the plural. I don’t know whether these domain names will be worth a lot of money, but the more pop unders that appear, the more likely it is that people will be searching for a pop under blocker – not a stopper – and I have the domain name.
I also got just in case.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I do hate pop up too..
    but ads are getting better/smarter nowadays..
    I recently registered after seeing a video,
    that nearly killed me laughing, at
    (video made by the guys at ‘quiet library’ )
    to my amazement started getting very decent traffic! I’ve decided to put an ad on it today but not the
    annoying pop-ups!
    I’ve put one that would definitely capture every visitor’s attention. Have a look if you wish.
    when I see popups on a website, the latter immediately loses credibility for me, and I think that more and more people feel the same.

  2. elliot-
    whatever happened to your mantra: quality over quantity
    days after your purchase of the tantalizing, you tell us about
    what gives?
    Sometimes it’s the little names that become the big names – and it’s fun to find good unregistered names. Doing this is what really got me jazzed about the domain industry when I first started, and I still enjoy it from time to time.
    It also illustrates how keyword research can be helpful when buying domain names.

  3. Eliott, thanks to your article mentioning @ Traffic – I decided to look into other hybrids. Last month, I purchased
    Last night I was able to hand reg ClosetContractor(s).com, RoomContractor(s).com, WalkwayContractors(s).com, SodContractor(s).com and’
    Our focus in home improvement, so these domains were perfect. Your blog sparked this search and I appreciate your help in inquiring domains that will help my business.

  4. Dear Elliot,
    Great article…Yeah it goes to show that sometimes we can amaze ourselves as to what domains we’ll find that are not registered yet. Interestingly, I too like Elliot got into domaining by doing simple searches and found…When I registered that domain I thought it was great only if I could write a software program that would tell people about which keywords are right ones to choose for a domain…I am thinking of Selling this incredible I feel it has great potential. Any buyer please contact me.

  5. There is nothing wrong with hand regging a new domain when you find one. You just have to be careful not to get into the habit of doing it 10 times a day. If was up at an auction, buying it would be a much bigger decision, but not for reg fee. What do you think it would go for in a drop auction?

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