Auction Contest Winner


I ran a contest on my blog over the weekened where entrants had to guess the final sales price of, which was in a NameJet auction that ended yesterday. The winner will receive a $100 Paypal payment from me today.

Sale price guesses ranged from a low of $874 to a high of $32,500. The auction ended at $1,500.The winning guess was Johnnie, whose $1,568 guess was off by just $68… Nice guess and an easy $100 in his Paypal account.

Thanks to everyone for participating in the contest.


  1. Elliots-
    thanks for holding MANY contests at your own expense not like some domainers who are not creative or too cheapo.

    Once again for making your blog the #1 most read and making it it exciting.

    Please do not give out T-shirts (Made in China) like others .

  2. Hey, how about next time the winner has his website or blog get featured on your homepage for a week or month instead of money?

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