Domain Forums – Learn About Domain Investing

Domain investing can be a lucrative business or a fun side hustle or gig. There is a lot of information to learn about domain names and investing in domain names, and much of that info is shared publicly or privately by domain investors in domain name forums. A domain forum is an online chat board that serves as a venue for people to discuss domain names and domain name investments.

There are several discussion forums on the Internet that are exclusively related to domain name investing and domain names in general. Some of the larger and most popular domain forums are:

  • NamePros
  • DNForum
  • Domain Boardroom (private)

There are also several niche domain name forums that were created to focus on the discussion of various niches within the domain investment business. For instance, there have been forums that were built to discuss ccTLD domain names (country code domain names) like .CA or domain names, forums for new gTLD domain names, and also IDN domain names.

Domain forums are great venues for sharing advice and learning from others. Because domain investing typically involves people working on by themselves, domain forums are a great social outlet for domain investors from around the world to discuss domain name news, buy and sell domain names, collaborate on projects, or simply share thoughts or advice about buying and selling domain names.

Some of the more popular sections on forums include:

  • News
  • Domain Appraisals
  • Domain Sales
  • Legal Advice

While most domain forums are free and open for anyone to join, Domain Boardroom (also known as DBR or Donna’s Board) is a private forum with an application process. Some forums, such as NamePros, have private sections of their forum for members who achieve a certain status or are approved via application process.

There are other domain industry forums in addition to those listed above. Some domain registrars, such as GoDaddy, have forums for customers and others to ask questions and discuss domain names. Those forums typically focus on the on the company’s products and services rather than offering a general domain name discussion setting.

Domain forums are great venues to learn about domain names and to discuss domain investing topics. They are a great place to start learning about domain investing.