Domain Boardroom

Domain Boardroom is a privately owned and operated domain investing forum. Domain Boardroom, also referred to as “DBR” (or Donna’s Board), was founded in 2007 by Donna Mahony. The number of members of DBR and member list for DBR is not publicly known. Domain Boardroom can be found at

Domain Boardroom has a strict privacy policy. Members of DBR are not permitted to discuss topics from DBR outside of the confines of the forum. This allows members to discuss private domain investment topics more freely. Domain Boardroom threads are not indexed in Google, nor are they available to view by people who aren’t members of DBR.

In order to become a member of DBR, prospective members must submit an application on the Domain Boardroom website. The applicant needs to provide more information about his or her background in order to become a member of the forum. Some of the questions on the application are about the applicant’s domain name portfolio, length of time investing in domain names, and references. It is unclear how long it takes to become an approved member of Domain Boardroom, and the application acceptance rate is not known either.