GoDaddy Promoting .Com During Premier League Match


While watching the Arsenal v. Burnley English Premier League match today, I noticed something interesting. GoDaddy is advertising .com domain names on the electronic sideboards. GoDaddy also recently promoted .com at a NASCAR race last month, paying homage to the 30th anniversary of .com domain names.

The call to action rotations I captured on camera say “.COM DOMAINS FOUND HERE” and “GET YOUR .COM DOMAIN @” with the GoDaddy logo appearing next to the message. I took a photo of two rotations of the sideboards for you to see:



There are a couple reasons I found this advertising particularly interesting.

GoDaddy recently revamped its logo to remove the .com. If you visit, you can see that .com is no longer in the logo. I presume this is due to the new gTLD domain names the company is selling. In this sideboard advertisement, the company is using its logo with .com included.

Obviously the English Premier League game is played in an area where and .uk domain names are popular. Based on my personal observations, it seems like those ccTLDs may be more popular amongst local businesses than .com domain names. Instead of advertising the ccTLD, the company is advertising the more globally appealing .com.

GoDaddy could have easily left .com out of the messaging if they wanted to do that. The company has been working on advertising that tells viewers what the company does, and they could have simply said “get your domain names” at GoDaddy. They are choosing to specifically market .com domain names though.

With all the discussion about the new gTLD domain names, it’s interesting to see GoDaddy promoting .com domain names.

Sidenote: There is a chance the sideboards were different for the television audience than for the live audience. I don’t beieve this is the case based on the other sideboard advertising, but it is a possibility.


  1. Hello Elliot,

    Very astute observation. KUDOS

    We all think there will be more and more ccTLD conversions to .COM Platform Extensions with more and more .COM Sub-Domain usage with Genrics as well, its where the really smart money is heading.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  2. Actually that’s not what it is. This is a dual campaign with Verisign. It looks like the .com is part of the Godaddy logo but it’s actually Verisign’s logo when they include the .com as part of the advertising. It just looks like its part of the Godaddy logo because it’s right next to it. They probably have some type of dual marketing agreement where Verisign pays for part of the marketing.

    Here is Verisigns logo when advertising .com

    Here is Godaddy’s logo when it includes the .com in it.

    Here is how it looks when it’s a dual marketing campaign. It looks like the .com is part of the logo when its not.

  3. I often see Internet startups in UK (as well as other countries) using .com for their corporate website. I speculate that in the years down the road .com will become the preferred brand (over ccTLD) for businesses across the whole world.

    • Agreed… Looking back at All my sales in just the past 5 years, I’d say near 40% have been from Europe and it’s not slowing down.

  4. Every TV commercial I’ve seen for Go Daddy in the UK for the last few months contains at least two references to .com. No other TLDs are mentioned. Go Daddy is pretty clearly accepting marketing support from Verisign if you ask me.

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