GoDaddy Launches Domain Investing Section on Website

GoDaddy has launched a new domain investing section on its website. If you click on the “Domains” drop down menu on GoDaddy’s website, you can see the “Domain Investing” category on the bottom right section (with the word “New” next to it). Clicking on this link takes you to a section of the website that will provide educational materials about domain name investing.

The section was created to help educate people about the business of domain investing. There are a variety of resources and tools referenced within this section of the website. Interestingly, there is also a forum for people to ask questions about domain investing. I do not see this replacing other industry forums, as this seems more geared to helping people who have GoDaddy related questions, although there are plenty of broader, industry-related discussion threads.

GoDaddy’s Joe Styler shared this with me:

“The goal for this page is to create a new destination focused on our domain investor customers. We realize that the one size fits all approach is not the best user experience for customers who invest in domain names and use the site and tools we offer differently from a business that owns only a few names. What we are attempting to do on this page is to bring all the most used tools into one spot for investors. You can see links to many of the tools and products we have for the investor right on the top navigation for this page which should make it easier and faster for investors to navigate to the tools they use most each day. There is an easy link to manage your domains, which brings you to the domain control center, a link to the auctions account, a bulk search, transfer, and  a WHOIS link. This makes the most used services easy to get to for an investor.”

Joe told me that this is the first iteration, and he expects it to grow and change over time. GoDaddy is interested in hearing feedback about this new section, so you are welcome to share your thoughts here or privately with Joe and the GoDaddy team.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. Is this new section just restricted to the GoDaddy US site at the moment? I can see the new section if I click the link in your post, as that takes me to the US site. However, if I try logging in to GD my usual way (the Canadian GD site) that new section isn’t there.

    • Hi – I just noticed who you are. Just this week I sold two nice long high quality *three word* .coms for just over $21,000 to a good size GoDaddy customer of yours who has a VIP account manager, so I imagine you probably even know or know of him given your position. I’ve already received payment in full.

      I’m mentioning this to you because there has been no shortage of dogma about domain length which I believe has substantially, negatively, and needlessly impacted the industry, the market, and everyone’s ability to do well and do better without the dogma, from top to bottom.

      I have not seen any of this new domain investing material GoDaddy is publishing now, but I’m also writing to express my hope and suggest that GoDaddy not go down this road of preaching a misguided and mistaken “doctrine” in whatever this new material is that only short domains are valuable and that the best long domains are not, or without recognizing that the best long domains are also valuable. (Frankly, the best long are also often more valuable than many short as well.) It is simply a myth that appears to mistakenly treat the industry as a zero sum game and winds up costing everyone, including those who push this very faulty idea in big ways and small.

      And needless to say, while I have not seen any GoDaddy algorithm results on the domains I just sold, you can be sure that with Estibot for instance what I sold for over $21k this week is considered worth only pennies on the dollar.

    • One of my pet hates is not being able to access new stuff if you are not in the states, I think here in Australia we are still unable to get things like Echo and the Snapchat Specs …… frustrating for sure. Anyways keep up the good work Joe

    • John, I completely agree with you about long domain’s length.
      About Godaddy, oh well. I personally think is like sleeping with the enemy…

    • Thanks for chiming in on that topic George.

      Good thing I didn’t list at a place like NameJet where the “Estibot” fiction for every single domain would be staring at people.

  2. Works for me too.
    Nice job!

    Joe – Pls accept my apology as this is not necessarily the best place for this but
    I was wondering if godaddy changed its policy?
    It used to be that if by mistake a domain was on auto renewal you could get a credit and then find a coupon etc for that domain.

    I spoke to support by phone, however they said only give credit if u actually delete the names… So I sent emails to support but no response so far…..

    Have the rules changed?

    • I dont know as each coupon has different limitations. I wouldnt suggest anyone delete their domain if they want to keep it as you may not get it back, it may be drop caught for instance.
      The safest thing to do is to use the domain discount club which provides the lowest pricing on buying new and when renewing domains.

  3. Surprising addition to the informational areas of Godaddy. Must have been a lot of consulting from the legal department on this new area. Investing and the giving of advice seems like a murky area.

  4. I wish GoDaddy would offer more searchable tools for finding available domains instead of pushing the worthless .today or .rocks, etc. If .com is beachfront property .rocks is a hundred miles from the beach. give long tail keyword options if the exact match word is not available.

  5. Very interesting, thanks for the heads up, Elliot.
    For the ones outside of the US who want to check it out: Use Chrome Browser with Hola plugin to make it work (or any other US-based VPN/proxy server).

  6. Hey There,

    I own a few nice domains and I wanted to know something. Would you park with a service like above or Sedo, or would you try to find affiliates or advertisers and make your own parked page so to speak…
    i can always create a website and put tons of content and ads are not a problem

    Have any of you ever tried to create your own parked page by affiliating with an advertiser? Any idea of a website that has a list of advertisers who could review these site names?

    Just curious as I am into domain investing as a long term and currently park several of my domains and make money. I am just trying to think of better ways.

    I am going to take which was up for several years previously and I am going to build a website with keywords and put a youtube video on the front page which if watched, i will get youtube payout. Its my most popular video and its actually a really good 30 min movie.

    Domains I have i was thinking of trying a manual parked page. Any other ideas aside from selling them? I have already listed them…

    Any info you can provide would be great. I will def pay it forward


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