GoDaddy CEO Discusses Super Bowl Commercial on CNBC


GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving was interviewed on CNBC this morning to discuss the 2014 GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial and how the company’s strategy has shifted over this last year. Although the company probably won’t make news for having a risque Super Bowl commerical this year, it has been making news because of the dramatic shift in its Super Bowl ad strategy.

There have been many people questioning the new campaign, and I think Irving answers the question about why GoDaddy is no longer focusing on its sexy commercials: “when you have 80% brand recognition, you really need to describe what you do to our customers. We don’t need to get attention anymore. we need to have folks understand what we do and who we do it for.” I think this is a very good point. Gone are the days that GoDaddy was known primarily for its provocative Super Bowl commercials, and now that people know the GoDaddy brand, it’s time to explain what the company does and how it can help small business owners.

I think this is a good explanation and it certainly makes sense. We’ll soon learn if this was the right strategy for the company.

Here’s the video of the CNBC segment with Blake Irving:


  1. “we need to have folks understand what we do and who we do it for.”

    Uhhhh, I think they forgot to put that part in the commercial. Sorry but that’s one of the lamest commercials I’ve ever seen.

  2. Godaddy is continuing it’s down hill slide. Their products are sub-par compared to their competition. Their service has went from extremely wonderful to sub-par in a very, very short time. For many years I was a huge fan of Godaddy, but they just continue to disappoint. I know of many who are feeling the same regarding their products and services. Many other hosting companies have better features for small business than Godaddy. Buyer beware. Meanwhile, I remain a fan of Danica for her breaking barriers in one of the toughest sports.

  3. Well, based on the dislike/like ratio on YouTube feedback so far I doubt this commercial is going be one of the captive and entertaining super bowl ads this Sunday.

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